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Phenom, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), has announced its new collaboration with Microsoft Teams, simplifying how recruiters and hiring managers coordinate during the talent acquisition process. Employees and candidates also benefit from a fluid front-end experience in Teams, which facilitates internal mobility and application monitoring. By integrating TXM with Teams, Phenom reduces collaborative friction within the most widely used communication channel by many small- and large-scale enterprises.

As a result of Phenom TXM’s integration with Teams, recruiters and managers can quickly exchange important information during the hiring process. The Phenom platform tracks every interaction so no detail falls through. Several new in-app features are now available, with capabilities and functions such as:

  • Seamless collaboration with hiring managers. Recruiters will send promising candidate profiles to a manager, who can then elect whether to proceed or decline. This streamlines recruiters’ coordination of next steps.
  • Video interview scheduling. Recruiters and candidates utilize automated interview scheduling to coordinate one-on-one or group video interviews. Teams will then generate a link and remind all parties as the interview approaches.
  • Capture of real-time interview feedback. Interviewers can leverage in-meeting side panels during video calls with candidates. This simplifies the note-taking process, helping managers stay focused on the interview.

Employees also have many internal mobility tools at their disposal within Teams, including:

  • Recommended job openings. Employees can easily discover open roles within Teams based on their profile and skills. This keeps employees engaged and demonstrates that their companies care about their internal mobility.
  • Answers to frequently asked HR questions. Companies can automatically answer employees’ frequently asked questions in Teams, freeing up HR teams to focus on other initiatives.
  • Job referrals to family and friends. Employees can tap into their personal and professional networks to suggest open roles.
  • Application and referral statuses. Employees can easily check their application and referral status within Teams, ensuring real-time communication and keeping managers apprised of their direct reports’ career ambitions.

Virtual recruiting and hiring practices are likely to continue after most offices are reopened. Over 80% of hiring managers will continue interviewing candidates by video, with 64% now more willing to consider remote workers*. This integration will allow Teams users and Phenom customers — regardless of their location — to discover best-fit candidates with minimal interruption to routine workflows.

“Microsoft Teams is the communication hub for many of our customers, even surpassing the use of phones and conference rooms,” said Mahe Bayireddi, co-founder and CEO at Phenom. “The pandemic accelerated virtually augmented work culture, but until recently, talent acquisition and growth had often played out in-person. TXM’s integration with Teams increases users’ productivity, bridging any disconnect associated with a full-time remote environment. Recruiters, managers, employees, and candidates come to know each other as if they’re in the same room.”

“Remote working is more prevalent than ever, which vastly expands companies’ geographic access to talent,” said Mike Ammerlaan, director of Microsoft 365 Ecosystem marketing at Microsoft said, “Microsoft Teams is always evolving, and with Phenom, customers can continue to cultivate existing work-based relationships and launch new ones.”

Phenom continues to resolve some of HR teams’ biggest pain points with conversational AI. In addition to collaborating with Teams, Phenom recently acquired My Ally’s powerful intelligence, which facilitates more than 20,000 interviews per week. AI is infused throughout the TXM platform, learning from every interaction to equip users with exclusive, actionable insights.

To learn more about our collaboration with Microsoft Teams, check out our blog.

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