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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Shiftboard announced partnership with UKG

Shiftboard, a leading provider of enterprise workforce scheduling software for mission-critical operations, introduced a new partnership with UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, workforce management, and culture solutions. This powerful...
Absence Management

Reliance Matrix ranked Top Absence Management Provider

Reliance Matrix, a technology-driven absence and employee benefits company, has been recognized as the leading Absence Management provider in the 2023 Design, Delivery and Outcomes in the Integrated Disability, Absence and Health...

WorkJam launches Industry-First Automated Attestation Module

WorkJam, the world’s leading digital frontline workplace, announced the launch of an industry-first automated attestation module that streamlines compliance for companies with large hourly workforces. Employers will now be able to...

Shiftboard and Zaddons announced strategic alliance

Shiftboard, a leading provider of enterprise workforce scheduling software for organizations with mission-critical operations, and Zaddons, a pioneer in vacation bidding technology, announced their strategic alliance. Zaddons’ vacation bidding technology is now...

Recent Posts

WILL Interactive launches Complimentary Customization Toolkit

WILL Interactive, the leading provider of proven-effective immersive story-based training solutions, is proud to introduce its latest innovation: the Customization Toolkit. This easy-to-use toolkit enables...