WorkForce Software leads 2024 WFM Technology Value Matrix


For ten consecutive years, WorkForce Software ranks as the leader in the Nucleus Research Workforce Management Technology Value Matrix for its ability to optimize labor investment, improve employee engagement and communication, and enable large global employers to support local compliance regulations and complex union agreements.

WorkForce Software, the #1 rated workforce management solution for large employers, is proud to announce its #1 position in the 2024 Nucleus Research Workforce Management (WFM) Technology Value Matrix report. Nucleus Research is a global provider of investigative, case-based technology research and advisory services. In their most recent 2024 report, they named WorkForce Software the leader in the Workforce Management Technology Value Matrix report. This is the tenth consecutive year that WorkForce Software has held the leading position in the vendor ranking.

Nucleus Research reviewed twenty workforce management technology solution providers for its 2024 WFM Value Matrix report and ranked the software providers based on the relative usability and functionality of their solutions to assess the value that can be achieved through the use of the product’s capabilities. Nucleus’ industry analysts assessed the software vendors’ commitment to advancing research and development initiatives. They evaluated their capacity to deliver innovative technology solutions that effectively address the dynamic demands of global workforces amidst continuous regulatory, operational, and technological shifts.

WorkForce Software’s solutions have provided global employers with best-of-breed workforce management capabilities that work seamlessly in their existing technology environments for ten consecutive years. The WorkForce Suite is cloud-based and offers advanced capabilities for time and attendance, scheduling, labor forecasting, fatigue management, leave and absence management, task management, communications, and analytics. The WorkForce Suite is differentiated by its ability to be configured to support all regulatory, union, and/or company pay and work policies, which are leveraged across processes such as scheduling, forecasting, and communication capabilities to achieve both optimized use of labor and modern employee experiences. This engine also offers the ability to set rules to automatically assess and respond to employee requests and can be continuously configured to adjust to changes to local, state, and federal regulations to ensure compliance with various labor laws. WorkForce Software also has a growing set of API integrations that allow organizations to easily integrate existing ERP, HCM, and payroll solutions with the WorkForce Suite for greater efficiency.

“The intricate nature of workforce management demands functionality that optimizes staffing, scheduling, and daily operations to mitigate costs tied to unplanned overtime and turnover. Equally crucial is usability, particularly when engaging dispersed deskless and frontline workforces,” stated Evelyn McMullen, Research Manager at Nucleus Research. “WorkForce Software’s positioning as a leader in the WFM Value Matrix for the tenth consecutive year underscores their commitment to meeting the evolving and often complex requirements of global customers and their employees through continued innovation in demand forecasting, schedule optimization, compliance support, and automation and analytics, especially in scheduling and communication.”

“We are honored to once again claim the top position in the 2024 Nucleus Research Workforce Management Technology Value Matrix report for the tenth consecutive year,” says Jeff Moses, CEO of WorkForce Software. “This recognition reaffirms our commitment to delivering best-in-class workforce management capabilities to our global customers that seamlessly adapt to the evolving needs of their workforces. Our promise and pursuit of innovation underscores our dedication to set the industry standard for workforce management excellence, ensuring our customers and their engaged employees thrive in an ever-changing business environment.”

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