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Friday, June 21, 2024

Technical Insights


Technical Insights with Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Docufree – David Winkler

David Winkler, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Docufree talks about the role of document management for reaping enhanced ATS and HRtech benefits 1. Tell us about your role at Docufree I...

Technical Insights with Co-founder and President, Humanyze – Ben Waber

Ben from Humanyze talks about the role of workplace analytics for organizations & how they quantify the impact of different programs while enhancing productivity. 1. Tell us about your role in Humanyze? I...

Technical Insights with Scot Marcotte, Chief Technology Officer – Buck

1. Tell us about your role at Buck? As Chief Technology Officer at Buck, I’m responsible for leading the development of our customer-facing HR technology so we can meet our client’s needs...


HR Technology

The Role of HR Technology in Empowering Employees

HR Technology Strategy: 4 Effective Ways to Draft One for Your Company Employees are the foundation of every successful business. Developing a personnel plan that...
augmented workforce

From the Augmented Workforce to Cognitive Insights for HRs

1. Concept of an Augmented Workforce 2. Cognitive Insights Applications in Talent Acquisition within HR 3. Reasons for Moving to Cognitive Insights 4. Challenges and Considerations Conclusion In recent...
global recruitment

Navigating the Talent War: Strategies in Global Recruitment

Paradoxically, despite the surplus of skilled workers in many parts of the world, many organizations are struggling with finding the right talent to fill...
Learning and Development

How HR Tech is Reshaping Employee Learning and Development

Table of Contents 1. The History of Less Than Stellar Employee Learning 2. Crucial Findings from the World of HR Tech 2.1 Learning Management Systems (LMS) 2.2 AI...
AI in HR

AI in HR: Are We Ready for the Future of Work?

In the world of human resources, every day brings new challenges and opportunities. As we look across product developments in HR technology over the...