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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Technical Insights

Technical Insights with Scot Marcotte, Chief Technology Officer – Buck

1. Tell us about your role at Buck? As Chief Technology Officer at Buck, I’m responsible for leading the development of our customer-facing HR technology so we can meet our client’s needs...


Workforce Collaboration is About Sharing Pivotal Lessons, As They Happen

As the quick-witted comedian Groucho Marx cleverly said “learn from the mistakes of others. You’ll never live long enough to make them all yourself.”...
Rideshare Economy

Flexibility and the Rideshare Economy

Two recent developments coming in lockstep with promising vaccine news suggest that the future of rideshare looks quite bright.The rosy outlook is due to...
HRTech Expansion

Newer Elements that will volcanize the HRTech Expansion: Through Jan 2021’s glasses

With the reformation of the face of the hrtech industry, three facets are showing the high potential of growth in terms of innovation and...
employee feedback

What employees really want from feedback and how to deliver it

Employees Increasingly are looking for feedback from their mentors and managers. It's pivotal to make employee feedback a crucial part of a strengthened employee...
artificial intelligence

AI in HR – A Journey of Transformation

AI initiatives are a thing of the past, AI integration for people empowerment is the new trend! AI in HR functionalities are being embraced...