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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Technical Insights


Technical Insights with Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Docufree – David Winkler

David Winkler, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Docufree talks about the role of document management for reaping enhanced ATS and HRtech benefits 1. Tell us about your role at Docufree I...

Technical Insights with Co-founder and President, Humanyze – Ben Waber

Ben from Humanyze talks about the role of workplace analytics for organizations & how they quantify the impact of different programs while enhancing productivity. 1. Tell us about your role in Humanyze? I...

Technical Insights with Scot Marcotte, Chief Technology Officer – Buck

1. Tell us about your role at Buck? As Chief Technology Officer at Buck, I’m responsible for leading the development of our customer-facing HR technology so we can meet our client’s needs...


people-first work

Three stages to unlock a people-first work culture

We all know how hard it is to attract and retain top talent in our competitive market. As a Chief Human Resources Officer, I...
Rabee Asous

Embracing Collective Wisdom: Why Smart Leaders are Democratising Decision-Making

In an era where change is the only constant and innovation drives success, the traditional top-down approach to decision-making is proving inadequate. The C-Suite...
Insider Risk

Focusing On Productivity Helps Reduce Insider Risk

Many companies are concerned by the uptick in insider risk that’s come with the work-from-home boom. By one estimate,  58% of office workers work...
National Thoughtful Day

Recognizing All Employees this National Thoughtful Day

Discover the power of appreciation and unity in the workplace as we delve into the significance of recognizing every employee on National Thoughtful Day.
Predictive Recruiting

How Predictive Recruiting Can Reduce Hiring Bias and Strengthen Diversity

Late last year, LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky publicly made the case for a “skills-first mentality” when it comes to hiring. He said that companies...