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Monday, March 4, 2024

Technical Insights


Technical Insights with Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Docufree – David Winkler

David Winkler, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Docufree talks about the role of document management for reaping enhanced ATS and HRtech benefits 1. Tell us about your role at Docufree I...

Technical Insights with Co-founder and President, Humanyze – Ben Waber

Ben from Humanyze talks about the role of workplace analytics for organizations & how they quantify the impact of different programs while enhancing productivity. 1. Tell us about your role in Humanyze? I...

Technical Insights with Scot Marcotte, Chief Technology Officer – Buck

1. Tell us about your role at Buck? As Chief Technology Officer at Buck, I’m responsible for leading the development of our customer-facing HR technology so we can meet our client’s needs...



Harnessing AI to Overcome the Employee Shortage Crisis in Hiring

In an era marked by an acute employee shortage across various industries, the imperative to innovate recruitment practices has never been more critical. This...

IoT Security Challenges: Navigating the Connected World Safely

The Internet of Things introduces new capabilities, enhancing capacity for people analytics, employee engagement, performance management, and more. Using it responsibly, however, requires new...

The Transformative Power of Workplace Compassion

A culture of compassion sets organizations apart in today’s business world as a place where employees truly matter. Organizations that craft that type of...

Breaking Barriers: Closing the Black Tech Talent Gap

To bridge the Black tech talent gap, partnerships between tech giants and HBCUs, coupled with targeted community outreach, are essential. This approach promises to...

Recruitment Resilience: Navigate Hiring Slow Downs with a Focus on Talent Excellence

An economic slowdown presents the opportunity to find candidates who are an optimal fit, improve company culture, and level up hiring processes. We don’t know...