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Friday, October 2, 2020

Technical Insights


Why Empathy is the need of the hour for enhanced employee engagement

With uncertainty in picture, employers are seeking ways to optimize the activities that accelerate employee engagement, empathy being the most pivotal of them. When you...
HR Analytics

Why Predictive HR Analytics is the next big solution for all problems?

With tech running all the industries, HR Analytics has marked its place in the HR sector. Predictive HR Analytics has taken over the reigns...
WFH revolution

Is COVID-19 is the flag bearer of Work From Home Revolution?

The pandemic has to be the usher of the WFH revolution for many companies with Remote work & efficient Talent Management shooting up to...
HR Analytics Platform

How to choose the best HR Analytics Platform? Leader’s Edition

With the world trying to get back on its feet, HRtech leaders are leveraging HR Analytics to enforce better talent management and drive higher...

Employees Are Concerned About the Future – How Managers Can Show Empathy & Flexibility

Rhiannon from Hibob takes on the manager's role to enhance employee engagement amidst times of massive burnout amongst the employees and the role of...