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Tuesday, October 20, 2020


employee experience

Employee Experience – The prime focus of the Hrtech Arena

Optimized employee experience is being sought after, not only by the workforces but also by the employers, to ensure utmost productivity and increased satisfaction. We have seen everybody having different opinions and...

How to retire comfortably in today’s world? 3 principles you must follow

With every payroll cycle comes the responsibility to contribute to the retirement plan. Financial well-being is sought after to reap the benefits when you retire. The world has changed forever in 2020...

The Role of Gamification in Transforming Talent Management

When all of us were stuck within the bounds of our homes, several games helped us get through the boredom of it. From trivial games to UNO, to Call of Duty,...
Cloud HR

Cloud HR: A Leap towards optimized HRTech & larger HR Automation

When one writes a report, there’s a number of sources and references that are in the picture. Multiple viewpoints and opinions are taken into consideration. It is concentric but multifaceted. A...
Employer Branding

Exploring the need of Marketing Automation for Employer Branding

When potential right-fit employees look for jobs, they are more likely to apply for a job at a firm that is well-known and recognized over a company that has no reviews...

Why Engineers Won’t Do Your Coding Test

The idea behind a coding test is very simple: to filter out candidates who do not have the technical chops for the role, early on in the process before the hiring...
Employee Benefits

Is COVID-19 changing dynamics of Employee Benefits Scape?

Previously when someone said ‘employee benefits’, a lot of us would think about a flexible work environment with loads of free food. But now the focus has shifted to more important...
Background Verification

Are During Employment Checks the strongest need of the hour?

Expansion of Background Verification of the employees to Post-Hire Screening is rising. Learn why during employment checks are also a must to mitigate the risks. Employees are those assets of your firm...

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