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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


HR Technology

The Role of HR Technology in Empowering Employees

HR Technology Strategy: 4 Effective Ways to Draft One for Your Company Employees are the foundation of every successful business. Developing a personnel plan that supports an organization's goals is crucial for...
augmented workforce

From the Augmented Workforce to Cognitive Insights for HRs

1. Concept of an Augmented Workforce 2. Cognitive Insights Applications in Talent Acquisition within HR 3. Reasons for Moving to Cognitive Insights 4. Challenges and Considerations Conclusion In recent years, the realm of human resources (HR)...
global recruitment

Navigating the Talent War: Strategies in Global Recruitment

Paradoxically, despite the surplus of skilled workers in many parts of the world, many organizations are struggling with finding the right talent to fill roles. The fact that there are 73...
Learning and Development

How HR Tech is Reshaping Employee Learning and Development

Table of Contents 1. The History of Less Than Stellar Employee Learning 2. Crucial Findings from the World of HR Tech 2.1 Learning Management Systems (LMS) 2.2 AI and machine learning 2.3 Gamification 2.4 VR and AR 2.5...
AI in HR

AI in HR: Are We Ready for the Future of Work?

In the world of human resources, every day brings new challenges and opportunities. As we look across product developments in HR technology over the past few quarters, one thing becomes abundantly...

Automation and Intelligent Analytics in the Workplace

Table of Contents 1. AI and ML are Disrupting HR 2. Automating Repetitive Tasks 3. Predictive Analytics 4. Enhancing Employee Engagement 5. Beyond AI and ML: The Power of Intelligent Analytics 6. Customization and Personalization 7. Diversity and...
workforce wellbeing

HR’s Role in Understanding the Needs of Today’s Employees

Almost two thirds of US employees (60%) believe that their company needs to ‘step up’ to enhance workforce wellbeing.  In fact, findings from a recent Robert Walters poll established that 86% of...
Blockchain Technology

Transforming the HR Industry With Blockchain Technology

Table of Contents Introduction 1. Could Blockchain Resolve the Challenges in the HR Industry? 2. The Three Best HR Blockchain Systems 2.1. IBM Blockchain 2.2. Kaleido 2.3. Chainstack Final Words Introduction The rapid technological development of the...

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