OnTheClock Partners With hr360 to Provide Free HR Tools

Small business owner will have access to free HR software tools when using employee time clock software company OnTheClock. This provides a robust method to ensure businesses are staying within legal compliance while tracking employee hours worked.


OnTheClock has extended their employee time clock software services by partnering with hr360 by Zywave. Users of OnTheClock will have free access to a variety of HR tools to improve their small businesses in addition to tracking their employee hours worked.

“This partnership is simply fantastic because it provides a tremendous resource to help small business owners during these difficult times. Hr360 offers so much value and a great amount of expertise in the human resources industry. Partnering with them is an absolute honor,” said an OnTheClock spokesperson.

OnTheClock’s team members worked diligently to ensure a seamless and beneficial transition between a customer’s time tracking account to their HR account. By implementing human resource tools, OnTheClock users will have the luxury to track employee hours worked while ensuring they are operating within legal working guidelines.

Who is Qualified to Access hr360 For Free?

Those who qualify to use and access hr360 free of charge are small businesses who use OnTheClock as their employee time clock provider. Those who do not use OnTheClock will not be able to access this complimentary offer unless they sign up and create a time clock account.

“What makes our time clock stand out from others is the ease of use and how quickly the signup completion process is. We understand how overwhelming it can be when implementing something new for business owners and this is why we made creating an account with us a seamless experience,” said an OnTheClock spokesperson.

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