2,000+ Employees Go Remote in Record-Setting 24 Hours

Neeyamo, a global provider of platform-enabled HRO services, with Global Delivery Centers (GDC) in four countries and Proximity Delivery Centers (PDC) in 16 countries, implemented its Business Continuity Plans and went from office to remote in a record-setting time of 24 hours. Its goal was to ensure the safety of its employees and to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its mission-critical business operations.

Speaking about the transition, Rupinder Kaur, Head of HR at Neeyamo, said, “Our global HR function is run on a portfolio of NeeyamoWorks’ suite of HR products. Nothing helps the HR team better than having all your employee records stored in one place that can be securely accessed anytime and anywhere, and NeeyamoWorks Employee HubTM  does just that. The transition was much easier and well-managed because of NeeyamoWorks ServiceDeskTM, which helped provide timely HR support to all employees and also helped managers assign, monitor and manage tasks effectively. HR products like NeeyamoWorks TimeTM (along with the advanced timesheet functionality) and NeeyamoWorks AbsenceTM help in effectively tracking employee productivity and in bettering resource planning. This, combined with our collaborative tools like NeeyamoWorks PostTM and NeeyamoWorks SurveyTM, help us in engaging employees working from different parts of the world. The multi-lingual capabilities and anytime, anywhere access of our tools makes deployment that much easier.

Sachin Kawalkar, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Head of Quality Management Group at Neeyamo further added, “Being a part of the human resource industry where the exchange of employee data/information is considered highly sensitive, at Neeyamo data security is of utmost importance. Thus, we have implemented stringent security and data privacy controls like perimeter and system security, strict need-to-know access controls and keeping a log to control and monitor data exchange.  In order to curb cyber risks and threats, our Information Security Team has implemented a “defense-in-depth” approach to allow uninterrupted service operation under vigilant controls. Our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is structurally defined and is kept up to date to efficiently manage a crisis like COVID-19, without impacting our customers and over-all business.”

Join us for the upcoming webinar on “How to Engage and Manage employees in these testing times”, where we will showcase a live case story of how we went from office to remote in less than 24 hours. Furthermore, we will also provide a live demo of NeeyamoWorks’ enterprise-grade solutions. Click here to register now.


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