VTS Announces Launch of VTS Activate Workplace

New direct-to-tenant offering builds on the existing success of VTS Activate, providing companies technology to manage on-site access and experience across their spaces and network, while generating insights to understand employee needs and sentiment


VTS, the industry’s only technology platform that unifies owners, operators, brokers, and their customers across the real estate ecosystem, announced the launch of VTS Activate Workplace, which builds upon the proptech leader’s existing history in tenant experience technology. VTS Activate Workplace is the newest offering under VTS Activate and is tailored specifically for companies to create personal, exceptional end-to-end experiences in and across their offices to activate every employee, team, and workplace.

The first workplace experience application that can combine native workplace and building systems into one application, VTS Activate Workplace provides technology and insights to solve today’s unique challenges, including bolstering in-office demand, evolving employee expectations, and the continued prevalence of hybrid work policies. With VTS Activate Workplace, companies can transform and elevate the workplace experience and connect employees with one configurable app to activate spaces and talent with experiences that reflect their brand and culture, everywhere they work.

According to VTS’ 2024 Global Workplace Report, an independent survey of hundreds of business leaders around the world, 93% of companies believe a personalized app with company and building-specific information and experiences will boost on-site employee attendance. VTS Activate Workplace provides a direct, branded channel between a company and its talent, and strengthens the connection between companies, office owners, and operators. Companies engage their talent with customizable, multi-channel communications, while also facilitating communication with the building manager to ensure their needs are quickly addressed. With the tools to create and deliver compelling experiences and offerings, it also empowers companies to digitally communicate with their workforce in a customizable way.

“With hybrid work becoming the norm and office occupancy a continued concern, companies overwhelmingly need a solution that acts as a command center, a single technology to engage employees and provide a frictionless experience on-site,” said Nick Romito, CEO of VTS. “VTS Activate Workplace allows tenant companies to connect with employees in their office and provide a personal, branded experience to increase engagement and boost a company’s culture. With insights to measure employee satisfaction, companies can leverage VTS Activate Workplace to action on the needs of their workforce, streamline suite access for teams and their visitors, increase office security, and simplify service requests – ultimately saving time and increasing employee sentiment.”

Beyond insights, access control, and office management, VTS Activate Workplace delivers sophisticated marketing capabilities that allow companies to create highly configurable programming across their offices and teams. Facilitating additional day-to-day on-site needs with ease – such as desk and conference room booking, visitor management, service requests, ordering and paying with nearby retailers, integration with employee intranet systems, and more, VTS Activate Workplace serves as a digital connective tissue between employees and the entire office ecosystem.

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