Modern Health Announces Inaugural Virtual Event, Elevate Well-Being

Elevate Well-Being Brings Together Thousands of HR & Benefits Leaders To Improve Workplace Well-Being

Modern Health

Modern Health, a leading global workplace mental health platform, announces its inaugural industry mental health event, Elevate Well-Being, taking place virtually on May 15, 2024. Elevate Well-Being is a captivating sub-series of its esteemed fourth-annual industry event, Elevate, taking place later this year. With an agenda packed with the latest data-driven and clinical insights, interactive discussions, and thought leadership on key mental health topics, attendees will have the opportunity to glean actionable strategies from a lineup of esteemed speakers, including mental health experts, practitioners, and HR and benefits leaders from companies such as Clif Bar, Box, Netsmart, Fivetran, and more.

Elevate Well-Being is strategically designed to bring HR and benefits leaders together to learn and share strategies, empowering them to foster a healthy workplace culture and better the well-being of their workforce. We’ll discover the latest clinical research, actionable strategies from leading mental health clinicians, and, most importantly, personal stories, learnings, and perspectives from top people leaders. Throughout the half-day event, industry experts will explore topics such as “Interconnected Well-Being: The Relationship Between Physical and Mental Health,” “Sustainable Leadership: Manager Support for Preventing Burnout in Leaders and Teams in 2024 and Beyond,” and “Navigating Life Events: Tactics for Enhancing Employee Resilience Through Change.

“Employee mental health and well-being is no longer just about how an individual feels or performs at their desk. Whether it’s becoming a new parent, navigating a stressful world event, or dealing with depression or anxiety, these challenges impact how we show up at work,” explains Alyson Watson, founder and CEO of Modern Health. “As the ripple effect of mental health issues becomes increasingly obvious in the form of high turnover, low productivity, and increased absenteeism, people leaders around the world are under growing pressure to find effective solutions. Elevate Well-Being brings like-minded individuals together to learn from each other and walk away with actionable strategies. Together, we are committed to making mental health a strength and priority for all.”

Throughout the half-day virtual conference, attendees can put well-being strategies into immediate action with the opportunity to join a mindful movement session. There will also be opportunities for leaders to engage with peers in conversation and activities all centered around promoting whole human well-being.

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