Leading workforce analytics platform, Pluto named Top HR Product

Leading Workforce Analytics and Communications Platform Recognized for Innovative Approach to Enterprise-Level Employee Experience and Sensitive Data Collection & Processing


Pluto, a leading workforce analytics and communications platform, announced it was named a Top HR Product of 2020 by Human Resource Executive magazine for its novel, people-first approach to improving workplace culture and for fueling HR success.

“2020 is a wake up call for employers and employees alike,” said Martin Fogelman III, CEO and Founder of Pluto. Privacy and respect are no longer nice-to-have, they’re essential. Essential for employees to come forward with important information and concerns that employers need to know and understand to see the full picture of their workforce. Essential for businesses to adapt quickly to an increasingly complex and interconnected world.”

Pluto’s suite of products has reimagined the way employee experiences are collected and analyzed, so that employees are empowered to provide quality data that employers use to continuously improve their work culture. With powerful privacy and communications tools, as well as a strong mission of advancing diversity, inclusion and equity, Pluto helps businesses navigate the ever-changing modern world to strengthen and sustain employee engagement and productivity. Pluto’s latest products include the COVID-19 Dashboard (which empowers businesses to meaningfully support their employees by designing tailored remote work and return-to-work plans in pandemic-affected workplaces) and Anti-Racism Stories (which guide users to reflect on systemic racism and open thoughtful dialogue between team members and leadership).

Every year, Human Resource Executive reviews top HR products with a combination of staff reviews, outside experts, and analysts, to select winners for their innovative approaches to current HR needs and challenges. This year, HRE and HR Technology Conference merged their awards initiatives to honor the best new HR-Tech solutions.

“Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are primary concerns for every organization today,” explained Steve Boese, Co-Chair of Human Resource Executive Magazine’s HR Technology Conference. “Pluto has developed an innovative approach to better understand how employees feel about their organization’s efforts to improve in these important areas. In particular, Pluto’s user experience creates an environment where employees are encouraged and able to share their honest views on these issues and how the organization can improve.”

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