Veriforce and SiteDocs announced partnership

Veriforce and SiteDocs

Veriforce, the industry’s fastest-growing provider of supply chain risk and compliance management solutions, and SiteDocs, an innovative provider of leading-edge safety management systems, proudly announce their partnership to redefine workplace safety practices and compliance worldwide.

This partnership is a game-changer in the safety industry. By combining Veriforce’s expertise in workforce compliance with SiteDocs’ user-friendly safety management platform, businesses can now achieve unparalleled safety efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility.

Now, Veriforce customers can effortlessly keep track of compliance by assigning specific safety forms to workers with defined completion dates. This promotes adherence to safety requirements, helps them avoid costly fines, and reduces the risk of incidents. Plus, Companies can create customized automation to meet their unique safety requirements, which results in increased safety efficiency and accuracy.

Veriforce CEO Colby Lane remarks, “We are thrilled to join hands with SiteDocs to execute our mission to bring home workers safe.  This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment to making safety compliance more accessible and hassle-free for businesses of all sizes. Together, we aim to streamline safety processes and empower companies to create a culture of safety excellence.”

Veriforce and SiteDocs’ partnership empowers businesses to easily distribute, engage with, and collect safety forms and resources, ensuring improved accuracy, accessibility, and consistent safety practices across projects. Companies can efficiently monitor, evaluate, and maintain oversight of on-site contractor safety performance, ensuring compliance with safety standards and reducing project risks.

“I am incredibly excited to announce our integrated partnership with Veriforce,” says Thomas Andres, Chief Innovation Officer, SiteDocs. “This collaboration represents an essential evolution in our joint product offerings and our journey toward enhancing job site safety. This partnership signifies not only a step towards the growth of our network but also our shared commitment to creating safer workplaces worldwide. Together, we’re moving beyond compliance to proactive safety management.”

Veriforce and SiteDocs share a common vision of fostering safer work environments and simplifying safety management processes. This partnership represents a significant milestone in their ongoing commitment to making workplaces safer, more compliant, and more productive.

The media is invited to join an informative webinar hosted by Veriforce and SiteDocs on August 16, as they take businesses through the features and benefits of this exciting new partnership.

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