SteelCloud Announces New Remote Workforce Compliance Suite

Achieve Continuous Compliance at Scale with ConfigOS MPO


SteelCloud LLC, the leading STIG and CIS cyber compliance software developer, is excited to announce ConfigOS MPO, its compliance suite, engineered to address the challenges posed by today’s remote and hybrid workforces. Remote work has presented significant challenges for those responsible for meeting compliance standards. The transient nature of remote endpoints and their bandwidth-constrained connections have rendered traditional compliance technologies cumbersome and ineffective.

SteelCloud designed ConfigOS MPO to address both transient and bandwidth issues that challenge legacy compliance products. With ConfigOS MPO, scans and remediations take only seconds with minimal data traffic, solving the throughput challenges for VPN and satellite-connected workstations. ConfigOS MPO’s lightweight semi-autonomous agent performs its tasks without human intervention on a user-defined schedule, no matter whether the endpoint is on or off the network. When reconnecting to the network, compliance results are automatically uploaded for every activity performed when the workstation was offline. This design provides a frictionless mechanism to ensure that endpoints are always in compliance, providing a complete picture of continuous monitoring operations.

“Whether you are a government or commercial organization, we all know that COVID introduced some real challenges for managing secure configurations for an organization’s remote workforce,” said Brian Hajost, SteelCloud’s Chief Operating Officer. “We engineered all aspects of ConfigOS MPO automation to be close to ‘set it and forget it’ as possible. We help clients move beyond simple continuous monitoring to achieve true, continuous compliance.”

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