LRN Launches Catalyst Engage.AI

Part of its award-winning Catalyst platform, LRN unveils first iteration of new AI-driven learning functionality, to be deployed further in the coming months


LRN Corporation, the leader in ethics and compliance (E&C) solutions that enable organizations to inspire principled performance, today unveiled Catalyst Engage.AI – a powerful new AI-driven functionality designed to transform and enhance the learner experience.

A new addition to its award-winning Catalyst platform, Catalyst Engage.AI is first being introduced through three all-new, AI-enabled microlearnings specifically for Anti-Bribery & Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering, and Conflicts of Interest. LRN is breaking new boundaries when it comes to E&C learning by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to present real-world ethical dilemmas, encouraging learners to engage in meaningful conversations and make thoughtful decisions. The courses are just the beginning of several planned additions to Catalyst Engage.AI platform that LRN has planned for 2024 and 2025, which include new AI-enabled solutions and learning experiences.

These new AI-enhanced courses – the first of several to be rolled out over the months ahead – are designed to drive better retention and transform E&C training into an impactful journey of discovery and growth. Driven by the new Engage.AI functionality, learners will now be able to experience:

  • A video introduction to the specific risk area, as well as targeted follow-up explainers
  • An AI-powered scenario with a dilemma to be solved, along with a quiz for the learner
  • Interactive, real-time conversations with AI characters in order to simulate real-world scenarios
  • A time-capped conversation to ensure that the learning experience is short and efficient
  • Personalized and AI-driven feedback on the learning exercise

Overall, the open-ended nature of the courses inspires active participation and thoughtful responses, prompting learners to think critically and ask probing questions. And because the Engage.AI functionality can adapt to each learner’s responses, the courses are able to provide a more personalized and effective learning experience that meets individual needs and learning styles – as well as playing an important role in helping legal, human resources, and compliance leaders to create ethical business cultures, comply with regulations, and improve performance.

According to LRN’s 2024 Ethics & Compliance Program Effectiveness Report, providing a more personalized learning experience is critical to E&C program effectiveness. More specifically, over half (54%) of high-performing E&C programs have implemented custom content to address specific risks or challenges, showcasing the importance and effectiveness of having succinct, meaningful and tailored learning experiences.

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