WalkMe launches WalkMeX and releases new survey data

More than half of respondents surveyed are using AI at work with 86% craving a copilot’s help


WalkMe (NASDAQ: WKME), a leading provider of digital adoption solutions for effectively navigating technology change, revealed the results of its AI at work pulse survey. The June survey of over one thousand Americans found that 91% failed to effectively use AI at work on the first try. The survey uncovers clues into the challenges companies face when attempting AI transformation at scale.

On the one hand, more than half of respondents (54%) say they use AI tools at work, (51%) have managers that encourage AI usage, and 51% get feedback that their work product has improved. On the other hand, few respondents consider themselves AI experts, even fewer report having received extensive training on AI, and for most respondents, it took four or five tries before they felt they were able to make their work easier or better using AI.

“With most employees using AI at work, we wanted to understand their needs as we launched WalkMeX, the premier contextual copilot that aims to democratize AI for all individuals regardless of their comfort level with technology,” said Dan Adika, CEO & Co-founder WalkMe. “What we discovered is that, while many Americans are using AI, they don’t feel like they’re experts, and the vast majority believe their work product would be better if they had help along the way.”

AI usage at work is rampant, and employees consider it important to their future:

  • 41% say they use AI tools daily.
  • 84% think AI is becoming more important to advance one’s career.
  • 80% reported feeling either confident (49%) or very confident (33%) using AI at work.

But respondents report needing helping to truly reap the benefits of AI:

  • Only 15% of workers believe they are AI experts.
  • Only 7% say they had received extensive training on AI.
  • Only 9% reported getting the results they needed out of AI on their first try.

Importantly, a strong majority of respondents (86%) reveal they would be more likely to use AI if the tools proactively guided them in the flow of work.

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