CertNexus and CyberKnights partner up to bridge the skills gap

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CertNexus, the global purveyor of vendor-neutral, micro-credentials, and certifications for emerging technologies for Business, IT, and Security professionals have entered into a partnership with a product of the Rofori Corporation- CyberKnight. Rofori Corporation is an Indiana based company owned by veterans that excel in the creation of structured data platforms and offers cloud-based solutions for the assessment of cybersecurity risks.

This partnership is formed to address the gap between cybersecurity skills and professionals and to help people prepare for their careers in demand. A CyberKnights portal is soon to be launched which will be seen leveraging the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) NICE framework (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) in several different ways. The assessment of talent can be done against the KSATs (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Tasks) of NICE. These KSATs can then be matched with the academies, employers, and training providers of CertNexus. Track mapping of a cybersecurity-focused career and the capability of academia, employers, and training providers to manage and handle talent are other additional features. These are in an effort to provide life-long career management within the workforce of cybersecurity.

CertNexus has certification courses in IoT, Cybersecurity, Data Science and AI that help in broadening the development of knowledge and skills of Security and IT professionals and the ability to validate and recognize them globally through high stakes exams and globally recognized curriculum.

Both companies are thrilled to be partnering with each other and believe that this step will have a direct impact on training providers and individuals and businesses as well.

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