Interview with Co-Founder and CIO, Mihi – Rohit Lohia

1. Can you tell us about your journey into this market?
It is a story of true innovation. We were engaged by a Client when they were spinning off from a Fortune 50 company and needed a software that could help their thousands of employees easily manage time and attendance and benefits across 35 countries. They needed this in less than 60 days.

We found that there was no single software to achieve their goals – you could cobble together multiple solutions but it was inefficient and left compliance loopholes that put our Client at risk. I understood the need and we had the expertise to build a system so we asked our Client to let us build a software for them. The put their faith in us and the rest is history. We adapted from being a professional services only company to developing our very own HCM software and its namesake company Mihi. We continue to be part of the Global Upside Corporation but operate as an independent company.

2. How do you think technology is changing the HR Sector?
Today companies are going global earlier than ever. But while crossing the borders is getting easier for corporations, managing the workforce is getting increasingly complex. They don’t have the time or resources to manage the requirements across different countries. Often companies are dealing with antiquated processes and systems that have to adjust to new regulations. Case in point: GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulations that impose strict guidelines on how companies collect, manage, and store data. Further, the new time keeping requirements in Europe make it almost impossible to be complaint without a global tool.

3. How do you think effective HCM can play an important role in achieving the goal of employee engagement and satisfaction?
Clear communication is key to effective HCM. And a robust software like Mihi enables employees and managers alike.
Employees are finally in a position where they can go online and clearly see what they are entitled to. They are provided all the information regarding statutory leaves, benefits, company policies, etc. They have access to an HR helpdesk that keeps them connected with their Global HR teams. It simplifies day-to-day tasks like applying for leaves, enrolling in benefits plans, etc. And finally, managers can track everything across all countries and employees in one place.
A comprehensive system allows for improved productivity, employee engagement, and management.

4. How does your HCM software handle the hurdle of changing laws worldwide?
Our highly-trained Team analyzes large legislation changes and works with in-country partners to stay up to date on smaller, local changes. Statutory requirements are default built in to ensure compliance with local laws and supplementary requirements can be customized in Mihi based on our Client’s requirements. For example, Mihi will alert managers if a certain employee is clocking more overtime than what is legally permissible in that country. Our mix of knowledge and technology is a game changer for companies who want to centralize their global operations and stay compliant without building an internal army of HR and payroll experts.
Mihi’s technology is built to keep employees happy and corporations safe. For companies, it reduces compliance risks and automates data collection. Imagine how much easier it is to run accurate, on-time payroll if employee hours, overtime, statutory benefits, etc. are collected accurately across all countries, in the right format and ported over to your payroll system. It’s like having an internal team and an in-house compliance officer. Mihi knows local laws even if you don’t.

5. How will Mihi joining ADP marketplace benefit your clients?
Mihi is a nimble, highly customizable software that is configured to each Client’s specific needs. Companies get complete control over implementing global and local policies. One of the biggest challenges for global employers is getting accurate analytics and a centralized management of their global workforce.
Mihi integrates with ADP Workforce Now® to provide clients with visibility to their global workforce and standardize data flow and compliance across all their countries of operation. This is a real-time integration through which companies can push employee data from ADP Workforce Now to Mihi. Companies can also export data from Mihi in an ADP Streamline-ready format to help bring increased efficiency to global payroll operations.

6. What features of Mihi makes it a ground-breaking Human Capital Management software?
Mihi brings a mix of global HR knowledge, technology and employee focus that is a game changer for companies who want to centralize their global operations without building an internal army of HR and payroll experts.
Recently, a Client with employees in 13 countries was struggling to get clear visibility of their workforce. Employees, as is often the case, were on different or no systems and simple tasks like leave approvals were taking too long. And the Client had unique statutory requirements related to medical devices. We successfully coordinated with key stakeholders across all countries and languages, customized Mihi to the need, and on-boarded all employees onto a single system in weeks.
It is a fast, robust, and efficient HCM software.

7. What advice would like to give to the upcoming HRTech Start Ups?
Communication is everything. Discuss the needs and options with your Clients. Leverage your Team to foster innovation. Then you can create a solution considering all the needs, ideas, and options discussed.

Once you find the right solution never stop innovating, as the Client’s needs are ever changing.

8. What work related hack do you follow to enjoy maximum productivity?
Be positive. Do not give up. And always look for a way to make it work.

9. What are some major developments you are planning?
The HCM marketplace has so much room for innovation and it is the time to embrace technological progress rather than shy away. We aim to transform Mihi into a self-learning platform, enabling it to improve continuously. AI has huge potential for the human resources industry.
We have heard that you have a very joyful work culture, we won’t mind having a look at some of the pictures.

Rohit Lohia Co-Founder and CIO, Mihi

Rohit Lohia is the Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Mihi Software. He spearheads all product development and Mihi implementation for the company’s worldwide client base. Lohia has an out-of-the-box approach that has played a key role in the growth, development and success of Mihi since its inception.


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