David Shaw Joins The Workforce Institute at UKG Board of Advisors


The Workforce Institute at UKG, a think tank that helps organizations drive performance by addressing human capital management (HCM) issues while providing an important voice for employees — including frontline and hourly workers — today announced that David Shaw, senior managing director and global HR transformation and delivery lead at Accenture, has joined the Institute’s distinguished board of advisors.

Accenture delivers a broad set of talent and organization/human potential consulting and operations services, including HR transformation, workforce management and HCM advisory, analytics, and technology services worldwide. Accenture is the largest, most tenured UKG services partner, combining UKG market-leading workforce management solutions with Accenture’s depth and breadth of HR and talent management capabilities. With more than 30 years of consulting experience, Shaw works with some of Accenture’s largest customers to help enable agile, adaptive, and employee-centered cultures. Specifically in advising and working with chief human resources officers (CHROs) and C-suite executives on a full range of business transformation, talent, and people opportunities, Shaw’s experience spans all areas of HR and talent, including talent acquisition, career development, workforce management, HR service delivery (HRSD) and process, capability development and learning, and transformational change management.

As Accenture’s global practice lead for HR transformation and delivery business across multiple industries and services, Shaw brings to The Workforce Institute an invaluable world view on the intersection of the employee experience, HRSD, workforce management, labor optimization, and the future of work. He possesses extensive skills in leading, defining, and delivering high-impact transformation programs that involve the disruption of core enterprise strategy and processes.

“I’m thrilled to be joining The Workforce Institute advisory board and look forward to bringing insight and best practices gleaned from my extensive experience working closely with organizations on a full range of business transformation, talent, and people opportunities to help further the institute’s mission to empower organizations with practical ideas for navigating and optimizing the 21st-century workplace,” said Shaw. “We’re at a turning point, with the rules being rewritten in real time as far as where businesses go next. The Workforce Institute, like Accenture, believes in the power of helping businesses become employers of choice by building HR functions that create value through an employee-first mindset, acting on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.”

“It’s our pleasure and privilege to welcome Dave to The Workforce Institute at UKG advisory board,” said Chris Mullen, executive director of The Workforce Institute. “Dave brings decades of valuable knowledge and experience across so many realms of HR, talent, and workforce management, and such valued perspectives on what it takes for businesses to succeed while doing right by their people in times of change or uncertainty. Given all that’s happened over the past two-plus years — a life-changing pandemic, millions of employees leaving the workforce, talks of an impending recession — there’s perhaps no better time to bring Dave onboard. I look forward to collaborating with him and to the unique insights he’ll bring.”

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