Aston Carter releases a white paper

New report examines the disconnect between employers and workers


Aston Carter, a leading staffing and consulting firm with a focus on financial and professional services, has released a white paper, “The Disconnect Between Employers and Workers: Strategies for Improving Employee Retention and Engagement.” The paper examines the frequent disconnect between employers and their workforce, examines current labor market conditions and trends in worker attrition, and offers tactical solutions for improving employee retention.

Employee retention is an issue that’s becoming more frequent for employers. In fact, 72% of business leaders say that finding and retaining talent is the biggest challenge they face in the current labor market. Flexible work, competitive compensation and company culture are playing big roles in attracting and retaining talent.

“Employers have to recognize and care about what their employees care about. Understanding employee needs and expectations should be a focus of employers in every industry,” said Kate Gossett, Director of Recruiting Operations at Aston Carter. “Employees that feel valued are more likely to remain with their company.”

To improve retention, there are some quick wins companies can deploy, like reviewing employee salaries to ensure the company remains competitive within their industry and updating benefit packages to include things like remote or hybrid work. Investing in an enhanced employee onboarding experience to align the employee with the company’s vision and their role is a key part of retention. In terms of work culture, a recent Gartner report shows 68% of employees would consider leaving their current company for one that is more overtly dedicated to sharing its stance on societal and cultural issues, which echoes an increased focus on diversity, equity and inclusion by many employers.

There are a variety of strategies available that employers struggling with retention can use to decrease turnover rates and help them attract top talent in today’s competitive job market. To learn more, download a complimentary copy of “The Disconnect Between Employers and Workers: Strategies for Improving Employee Retention and Engagement.”

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