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employee experience

Optimized employee experience is being sought after, not only by the workforces but also by the employers, to ensure utmost productivity and increased satisfaction.

We have seen everybody having different opinions and views about the experiences that they have in their everyday lives. Be it going to a grocery store and having to stand in a line for billing, or buying a new mobile device within a fraction of seconds with just a few clicks, availing a firm’s services, or providing services to all kinds of customers. Experience is what counts at the end of the day and all of us gravitate towards something that has the capability to offer us a positive and valuable experience.

Speaking of providing your services, employee experience is an actual testament to the success of your employment and the productivity of your workforce.


Employees that savor their work and its environment are the ones that earnestly have an up to the mark experience as compared to the employees that are critical of the ecosystem and its elements. Employee experience is one factor that contributes enormously to the retention and attrition rate of your firm alongside its brand name and reputation.

There are certain factors that can strongly predict a positive EX, and the recent study by Limeade listed out the top 3 elements. Those are –

  • Care
  • Culture
  • Trust

Employees that had a negative experience at their firm typically reported a lack of these 3 elements as compared to the majority one’s who had a positive experience and exhibit influence on these factors to stay with the company.

Talent Experience counts not just with the employees and their journeys, but also with the potential employees and their lifecycle from acquisition to onboarding. Talent Experience Management Leader Phenom recently announced how one of its clients, Mercy, expedited hiring, and candidate experience. Mercy was able to garner more than 3 million job views and its top-performing campaign converting 69% of job seekers into applicants.

Influencing factors and impact of enhanced talent and employee experience can be seen here. But what about the core process of manifesting and getting to the stage where your firm is in the position to offer the best employee experience out there in the industry?

  • Incorporate EX in your core HR activities

SAP recently celebrated the success of SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (a part of SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Suite) for reaching more than 4,000 customers worldwide. This solution offers a single global automated core HR platform that gives organizations the power to manage and engage diverse workforce across systems and functions globally and locally. Easy integration with the SAP portfolio, especially SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Service Center, known for streamlining HR processes with employee experience, makes it a package deal that offers the utmost value. Digital services make it simpler for employees to perform daily tasks while gaining intelligent insights.

  • Incorporate EX in your digital services

Now that employees are returning back to work, workplace experience is another thing that needs to be taken care of and optimized as per the need and requirement. ServiceNow has announced the introduction of Workplace Service Delivery solutions delivering ideal digital experiences to employees irrespective of where they are. These solutions are designed to deliver employee satisfaction and productivity keeping in mind the dynamicity of workplace landscapes. These products allow employees to make use of their connected devices for reserving workspaces, collaboration spaces, conference rooms, and desks. Workplace Case Management, Workplace Reservation Management, Workplace Visitor Management, Workplace Space Management are all a part of Workplace Service Delivery.

From workspace to processes, talent experience is something that has to be integrated into each and every aspect of Human Resources. The cognitive feeling of satisfaction of performing a task or an activity seamlessly and without any kind of friction is always desired and hrtech has been able to deliver on that demand, every step of the way. Leveraging the same is vital and ingenious.

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