Bullhorn and GermanPersonnel Partner to Offer Cloud Scalability

Partnership is latest example of Bullhorn’s momentum and expansion in DACH region


Bullhorn®, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organisations transform their businesses, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with DACH multi-posting/e-search provider GermanPersonnel GmbH. This partnership will lay the groundwork for the providers – both of whom offer true multi-tenant SaaS-based solutions – the opportunity to build a robust recruitment solution for DACH agencies that combines a globally-leading front office (Bullhorn) and the leading provider of programmatic job advertising solutions to DACH companies (GermanPersonnel). The combination of efforts of these true cloud companies gives DACH recruitment agencies the choice, confidence, and flexibility they need to grow their businesses and scale without limitations.

This partnership is the latest example of Bullhorn’s commitment to serving the DACH region, and comes on the heels of regional growth in both customers and internal resources for the company. With data centres in Frankfurt and five major partners in the DACH region, the latest of which is GermanPersonnel, Bullhorn is committed to offering DACH recruitment agencies quality, extensible cloud-based software backed by local providers of speciality solutions. Bullhorn is doubling the size of its German team over the next year as the company invests additional resources into serving the region.

Bullhorn and GermanPersonnel were both founded on the principle that meeting customer needs is a software company’s first priority and that technology solutions should automate mundane tasks in order to elevate the value of human relationships and ingenuity. To this end, both companies prioritize innovation and customer centricity that allows DACH agencies to build out their ideal tech stack without being forced to accept a combined set of solutions that may or may not be the best fit for their unique and individual business needs.

In the future, the combination of the companies’ solutions will enable Bullhorn customers to avoid double data entry, freeing up time to spend on growing their businesses and managing candidate relationships, while having access to ever-widening talent pools. As a result, agencies will be able to reap the productivity benefits from these best-of-breed solutions for ATS and multi-posting, and drive ever closer to their goals for digital transformation.

As evidenced by the rise of remote work and distributed workforces with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more important than ever to offer recruitment agencies the power of pure, multi-tenant cloud-based software. While many solution providers claim to offer extensible solutions, ultimately the on-premise or client-server architecture model simply does not allow for control of systems for customisation of processes and goals, scalability, or most importantly in the current work environment – remote collaboration – and all of these factors are mission-critical for recruitment agencies to increase productivity during both normal and atypical conditions. Those agencies who are dependent on VPN connections to access their on-premise front and back office solutions will struggle even to operate effectively and competitively, let alone future-proof their businesses against yet unknown threats.

With Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system (ATS) built on the fully extensible and customisable Bullhorn platform that has been fully cloud-based since it first came to market in 1999, DACH recruitment agencies can feel confident that their teams can operate with one version of the truth and accurate insights, no matter where their employees may be at any given time. Bullhorn already serves some of the largest recruitment agencies in Germany, as well as having a rapidly growing number of small and mid-sized agency customers in the DACH region. With the largest recruitment-specific Partner Marketplace in existence and more than 100 pre-built integrations, Bullhorn is especially excited to further serve DACH market needs by partnering with companies who have deep in-region expertise and strong, easy-to-use solutions.

GermanPersonnel is the region’s leading multi-posting e-search tool, also fully cloud-based, that provides powerful programmatic job ad posting, giving DACH agencies the competitive advantage they need to reach the best talent in the quickest possible time. With GermanPersonnel integrated into Bullhorn, customers will be able to supercharge their ATS and streamline multi-posting across a multitude of channels.

Peter Linas, Chief People Officer and EVP, Corporate Development and International at Bullhorn, is excited about what this unique partnership will provide to customers in the DACH region: “We’ve always operated as a family here at Bullhorn, and we’re excited to welcome GermanPersonnel into our partner family – working closely together to provide DACH recruitment agencies with high quality true cloud software that automates the recruitment lifecycle and meets their job distribution needs. At Bullhorn, every customer relationship is paramount to us, and in the twenty years that we’ve existed, we’ve never lost our love of innovation, our focus on customer service, and our desire to put our customers’ needs first.”

“Digital transformation in the HR services industry is accelerated by the Coronavirus crisis,” said Marco Kainhuber, CEO of GermanPersonnel. “The winners of this transformation will be those HR service providers who rely on cloud solutions along the entire value chain – from shift planning for assignment companies to the recruitment of employees as well as all related tasks. The attempt to shift outdated system monoliths into the cloud, as some people try to do, is error-prone and particularly rigid. Instead, modularity, scalability, and interfaces are crucial for optimising processes and keeping the cost structure as efficient as possible.”

GermanPersonnel and Bullhorn have decades of collective experience in selling SaaS solutions to the recruitment industry and are confident that the combination of their product offerings will deliver an enhanced value proposition for customers. Bullhorn and GermanPersonnel are excited to move forward on building an integration for DACH recruitment consultancies. To learn more, please visit: https://www.bullhorn.com/germanpersonnel/

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