CoachHub launches Pioneering AI Coaching Companion

New AI product bridges the gap between coaching sessions, boosting well-being and engagement for higher business impact.


CoachHub, a leading global digital coaching platform, announces the launch of its AI Coaching Companion, the latest development from CoachHub’s proprietary AI technology, AIMY™. The AI Coaching Companion is available to CoachHub clients as an add-on feature through the CoachHub app in Microsoft Teams, allowing coachees to converse with the AI companion 24/7.

Accessible to coachees in-between coaching sessions through AI conversational support, CoachHub’s AI Coaching Companion brings features including:

  • Guidance on concrete situations: The AI-powered conversational tool offers a secure space for continuous learning and problem-solving.
  • Role playing: The companion facilitates practice in critical communication skills, including managing uncomfortable conversations and providing peer feedback, to promote lasting behavioral change.
  • Personalized learning recommendations: Learnings from previous interactions enable nudges with content tailored towards program goals, enhancing knowledge retention and building new habits.

“At CoachHub, we redefine digital coaching by blending the science of traditional methods with the efficiency of modern technology,” Torben Mottes, CPO at CoachHub, explained. “We harness AI to amplify the impact of our coaches and revolutionize coaching experiences. Our platform merges synchronous coaching with asynchronous personalized learning and an AI Coaching Companion, enhancing not just the scalability and security but also the effectiveness of our coaching, thereby driving transformative development and well-being.”

Survey results from CoachHub’s AI in Coaching Survey indicate that 77% of HR leaders see AI’s potential to enhance professional development across all levels of an organization. Supporting this trend, LinkedIn’s 2024 Workplace Learning Report reveals that 90% of global executives plan to either increase or maintain their L&D investments, highlighting a significant demand for tools like the AI Coaching Companion.

“We’re doing something unprecedented in the world of coaching,” adds Pedro Cabrera, SVP of Data and AI. “Using the latest generation of AI technology, CoachHub is bringing a new and improved user experience, embedded in our clients’ ecosystems. This journey focuses on personalized experiences that combine the clients’ goals with the end-users’ expectations.”

Harnessing insights from individual learning objectives and user behavior, the AI Coaching Companion delivers tailored responses aligned with company goals. With cutting-edge capabilities, it introduces “AI thoughts”, which emulate human behavior, ensuring thoughtful communication and maximizing response accuracy.

The AI Coaching Companion is available in English, French and German, with more languages planned in the future.

“Coaching is fundamentally human-centered and thrives on deep empathy and extensive experience,” said Matti Niebelschuetz, CEO and co-founder of CoachHub. “Our AI Coaching Companion builds on this practice by partnering with clients to enhance reflection, unlock potential, and generate actionable insights. This groundbreaking feature not only supports coachees in their development journey but also extends the capabilities of coaches, providing tailored insights that enhance wellbeing and performance in every session.”

CoachHub is committed to privacy and information security. The CoachHub platform is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant, certified for data protection, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001, as well as SOC 2 accredited, covering quality, environmental, information security and privacy aspects.

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