Vyopta releases the Vyopta User Experience Score


Vyopta’s Experience Score is a finalist in the “Best Innovation for Employee Experience Management” category of the Best of Enterprise Connect awards, which will be announced tomorrow

Vyopta, a leader in digital collaboration and experience optimization, today announced the release of the Vyopta User Experience Score. The User Experience Score is based on a proprietary Vyopta-developed algorithm.

For organizations motivated to provide a best-in-class Digital Employee Experience (DEX), the Experience Score offers visibility into the overall health of organizational collaboration. This score combines data points with current research into collaboration science and virtual communication into a single, benchmarkable metric that can be used to identify barriers to engagement, productivity and wellness. By combining technology, space and users insights, Vyopta provides visibility to aid continuous improvement in workforce performance across teams, departments, and geographies.

“Our Experience Score is solving a problem where there’s dozens and dozens of columns with data for each user and it takes a proprietary algorithm for many different metrics and puts it into a simple score,” said Jonathan Sass, Vyopta’s VP of Product and Marketing. “We can track and report on anything that could negatively impact an employee’s collaboration experience including software functionality, network bandwidth, etc.”

According to Vyopta’s Technology Insights, 90% of issues in virtual meetings are not reported and up to 50% of meeting time is wasted due to various technical issues. This quickly adds up to a loss of productivity and increased stress for employees. Experience Score brings new user-oriented views to collaboration data, proactively monitoring these disruptions and reducing their impact on employees.

The Experience Score empowers teams to:

  • Visualize the impact on focus time and context switching costs
  • Ensure collaboration platforms meet employee needs
  • Quantify meeting patterns and compare to benchmarks
  • Identify time lost to avoidable problems
  • Understand the level of engagement and inclusivity in meetings

Vyopta at Enterprise Connect

Vyopta is an Exhibitor at Enterprise Connect in Orlando from March 27-30, 2023 and representatives will be available during Expo Hall hours to demonstrate product capabilities and answer questions in booth 1006.

Jonathan Sass, VP of Product & Marketing at Vyopta, will discuss “How Collaboration and Employee Experience Come Together” with Beth Schultz, VP of Research and Principal Analyst, Metrigy, Nicole Herskowitz, Vice President, Microsoft Teams & Platform Marketing, Microsoft, and Weston Morris, Senior Director for Global Strategy, Unisys. The conversation will take place in Sun B on Wednesday, March 29 at 3pm ET as part of the Workplace Strategies track at the conference.

In addition, Vyopta’s Experience Score is a finalist in the “Best Innovation for Employee Experience Management” category of the Best of Enterprise Connect awards, which will be announced live on Tuesday, March 28.

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