Valo launches its complete digital workplace tool kit


Valo has launched its complete digital workplace tool kit on Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. 

Building on its existing portfolio of digital workplace tools, including the award-winning Valo Intranet and Valo Teamwork, it has launched Valo Connect, Valo Entrance and Valo Ideas.

Its new stable of digital workplace tools means organizations now have everything they need to run their businesses digitally from within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Valo Connect, one tool to connect them all

As Microsoft Teams has increasingly become central to many people’s working day, Valo Connect brings an organization’s digital tools and content together into one, easy-to-use enterprise portal within Teams.

Valo Connect not only connects its existing tools, bringing them into a single place, it aggregates third party tools from outside the Microsoft ecosystem too.

With Valo Connect, users can access their intranet, governance dashboard, ideation tool, extranet, and third-party apps all from within Teams. They can even add connectors, apps and OOTB tools too.

This means the user only needs to go to one place to connect to people, conversations, news, information and content in order to have an efficient workday experience.

In addition, as Valo Connect is part of the Microsoft 365 product suite, it can be accessed anywhere on any device, safely and securely.

Pekka Walkama, Valo’s President said:

“Valo Connect not only eases the burden on IT management it offers a smoother digital workplace experience by consolidating digital workplace tools directly inside Microsoft Teams too. There is no other solution on the market like ours.” 

Valo Entrance makes collaboration with external organizations safe and secure  

As digital collaboration between companies increases, businesses need a way to cooperate with external stakeholders easily and securely.  

With Valo Entrance Project Managers can invite and collaborate with external users easily, without the need for IT support, which has traditionally been hard to do in out-of-the-box SharePoint. 

Whole domains can be invited at once, as well as individual addresses of external collaborators. Plus, external stakeholders can self-serve, by opting in and registering for access themselves. 

However, Valo Entrance’s dashboard and built-in search function also enables IT to oversee access and control permissions, such as which pages external users can view, and delete members who leave the team. 

Pekka Walkama, Valo’s President said:

“Valo Entrance is a safe and secure way to collaborate with external organizations. The self-service portal is easy and convenient to use, whilst IT governance remains of paramount importance.” 

Valo Ideas makes it easy to crowd-source ideas and tap into valuable insights across the organization 

With distributed working patterns becoming the new normal, it’s harder to collect ideas from colleagues working remotely, in the field or abroad.  

Valo Ideas, an idea management tool which natively integrates into any Microsoft 365 workflow, provides a centralized area where ideas can be summited, collated and actioned.  

Employees with an idea about how to improve a product, service or way of working can submit their suggestions to a visible, centralized hub. All team members can like and comment on the idea and managers can assign an action to it. 

Valo Ideas can be used for crowd-sourcing ideas from an entire workforce, reaching previously unknown colleagues and tapping into invaluable insights to encourage open innovation. Plus, it can be used to gather people around an idea, helping them to make a collective decision. 

Pekka Walkama, Valo’s President said:

“Valo Ideas is a democratic idea management tool. It engages employees from every department and level of the company, making innovation a transparent and collective process.”

Valo has the complete suite of digital workplace tools 

Valo is widely known for selling the most lovable intranet-in-a-box solution built on top of SharePoint. 

Valo Intranet has won numerous awards including ClearBox Consulting’s 2020 Intranet Choice – Europe 2020 and Intranet Choice – North America 2020 and Best Intranet/Extranet at ESPC Awards 2019.

IT governance tool Valo Teamwork is widely known for simplifying organization management and security within Microsoft 365.

Collectively, Valo’s digital workplace products provide the end user with all the tools they need to get their job done efficiently.

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