Recruiterly’s Human Focused Recruitment Platform for Employers

Recruiterly helps top recruitment professionals increase their online discoverability so that job seekers and hiring managers can find them more easily.

talent relationship management system

Increasing the discoverability of the top recruitment professionals helps employers and job seekers remove the guesswork when working with a third party in the hiring process.

By providing a platform to easily find and connect with their industry-leading, rated recruiter or recruitment business reduces time-to-hire and creates a positive hiring experience for all Hrtech.

Recruiterly provides recruiters and recruitment businesses with search engine optimized profiles and pages, directory listings, content marketing tools and customer review software to help them grow their businesses organically.

Job seekers and hiring managers can search and instantly review a recruiter’s expertise, track record, performance history, and customer reviews to ensure that the right choice is made for every job requirement.

“The reputation of the staffing industry is not what it should or could be, the industry can be fragmented, inconsistent and untrusted. Applying a layer of technology that provides transparency and options to the public, will drive a positive impact and raise the standard of the industry” said Jamie Robshaw, one of the founders of Recruiter.

All employers and job seekers get free access to all recruiters and recruitment businesses, and Recruiterly doesn’t take a cut of agency placement fees for the connections made in the directory. Instead, the platform is priced at a nominal monthly fee charged to the recruiters and recruitment businesses.

Recruiter’s product team has a range of exciting sourcing and marketing tools on the horizon for its users, providing an all-in-one, affordable solution for the modern recruiter.

As Recruiter heads into scale mode, the founder’s priority is ensuring the right matches are made and continue to promote and encourage human conversations that many of the other recruitment platforms are trying to erase.


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