75% of U.S. consumers mistrust companies’ DEI Commitments

Command Shift

Command Shift, a Coalition of Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and other leading organizations, introduces the Diversity Directive, a comprehensive new digital resource to guide companies in increasing women of color in their workforce

What you need to know:

  • New research from NPower’s Command Shift coalition found that 75% of American adults do not believe US companies are following-through on their DE&I commitments made during the pandemic, nor are they doing enough to employ underrepresented women of color.
  • Yet, despite these concerns, more than one-fourth of US adults do not know what actions companies should take to honor and improve their DE&I commitments.
  • For companies that want to increase consumer trust and take action to improve diversity across all levels of their organization, NPower’s Command Shift coalition today unveiled the Diversity Directive – a new, extensive resource that provides companies with guidance, strategies, relevant case studies, data and more to support companies in jumpstarting or revamping their DEI policies and practices.
  • NPower’s Command Shift Coalition is on a mission to double the representation of women of color in tech jobs from 5% to 10% in 10 years to move toward equity in the sector.

NEW YORKJuly 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, NPower’s Command Shift Coalition unveiled new data about consumer attitudes towards US companies and their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. Results from a recent Omnibus show that 75% of American adults do not think US companies have followed through on their DEI commitments made during the pandemic and the same amount do not think companies are doing enough to recruit women of color in their workforce. Additionally, more than one-fourth of Americans do not know what companies should do to help solve this issue.

In the tech sector, women of color make up merely 6% of the workforce, despite accounting for 20% of the population.

The new research from Command Shift, a national coalition mission-driven to increase the recruitment, retention and advancement of women of color in tech and tech-enabled sectors, also revealed that more than 67% of US adults believe that both C-Suite (corporate leadership) and the U.S. government have some level of responsibility to diversify their workforce by recruiting women of color.

“Tech and tech-adjacent companies that lack an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion will lose in the next decade,” said Bertina Ceccarelli, CEO, NPower. “They will lose in the continuing war for talent, in the race for innovation, and in the war for consumers, especially as the US population becomes more diverse.”

To support companies in making good on their promises to increase diversity, Command Shift created the Diversity Directive, a comprehensive series of clear, concise, strategies, guidelines, case studies and other resources. The new digital hub, across four different unique toolkits, provides step-by-step guidance– to meet companies where they are on their DE&I journey, whether they are looking to make an initial DE&I reporting/assessment or looking to make investments toward skill-building programs for employees/for those across nontraditional backgrounds.

“Achieving equity for women of color in the tech workforce cannot happen in a vacuum, and we need to bring as many like-minded companies together as possible,” said Ann Marr, EVP, Global Human Resources. “We are proud to support Command Shift in this effort to provide industry leaders with the resources and tools they need to create a culture of inclusion within their organizations, for the betterment of people, businesses and communities.”

While the focus of the recommended strategies and insights within the Diversity Directive are catered to accelerate women of color in the technology industry, the resources are available for use to meet a widespread range of diversity goals.

The Diversity Directive focuses on four major areas:

  • Measurement: The Disrupt your DEI by the Numbers toolkit provides action steps to help employers foster a culture of inclusion and belonging through thoughtful data collection and analysis.
  • Hiring: The Shift Towards Inclusive Hiring toolkit guides companies through employment-related biases – how to spot them, avoid them, and how to reassess hiring criteria for future positions to include more diverse candidates.
  • Investment: The Shift Towards Transformational Investment toolkit highlights the successful implementation of strategic investments that boost alternative pathways for diverse candidates, including training and skills development via workforce development programs, community colleges, and other nontraditional settings.
  • Retention and Advancement: The Shift Towards Equitable Culture toolkit guides users on different strategies and programs that can be utilized to promote and retain Black, Latina and Native American women within the technology sector .

“Increasing employee diversity at tech companies by hiring more women of color will require business leaders, human resource officers, recruitment managers and others throughout business to reassess and revamp their existing policies to prioritize hiring more women of color including those from underrepresented communities and non-traditional backgrounds,” said Candice Dixon, executive director, Command Shift.

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