PERKSCon NYC 2022 Showcases New Employee Amenities

The annual conference will feature new employee perks and benefits as well as a journey into the future with a metaverse experience and an NFT lottery for attendees.


PERKS, the employee experience company that helps HR teams more effectively engage their employees with their brand and benefits, announced today the agenda and event highlights of PERKSCon in New York City, which will be held April 26, 2022, at the Hynes Convention Center.

“This year, we are pulling out all of the stops for the PERKSCon experience — from our signature champagne toast to a metaverse experience. Each year, we give HR professionals the opportunity to discover the best, most innovative benefits and services for remote, hybrid, and in-person teams,” said PERKS founder and CEO Alexa Baggio. “We just had a great event in Boston with over 700 attendees and now we’re super excited for PERKSCon in New York because New Yorkers appreciate the honesty of our talks and the innovation of our solutions for remote, hybrid, and in-person teams. HR and people ops pros of all levels won’t want to miss this event. They can shop for benefits, connect with their peers, and check out fun experiences like our future of work fashion design challenge, which focuses on combining work attire with the comfort of working from home. Come find out what’s possible for the future of your team and workplace!”

In addition to hundreds of employee perks and benefits vendors, the event will feature a “future of work fashion” design contest that invites college design students to sketch out their vision of combining office attire with the comfort of working from home, displayed in PERKS’s very own “metaspace” at room scale. PERKS has also created a metaverse game “HR Nightmare: Return to the Office,” where People Professionals can battle against concepts like “employee burnout” with weapons like “vacation time.” Finally, this year PERKSCon will introduce “golden ticket” NFTs, with 20 randomly selected attendees having their digital ticket transformed into an NFT that offers lifetime attendance to PERKSCon.

The company will also host panels with experts in human resources sharing their strategies for the biggest challenges in the field, such as consumer expectations for virtual care, and case studies that show how art can improve employee engagement. And, PERKS founder Alexa Baggio will be recording a live session of People Problems—an industry-specific podcast that discusses current issues in the HR space. Other panel topics include population mental health strategies, fertility benefits for all genders, hyper-personalization of benefits, supporting those experiencing grief at work, and women progressing in the workplace.

Learn more about attending the event, and learn more about exhibiting at the event.

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