New App Takes Aim at Work-From-Home, Remote Learning Frustrations


Network software company Pingman Tools announced today the official release of CloudConnect, a remote network monitoring solution engineered for supporting work-from-home users and remote classrooms.

“So many network problems can only be understood from the point of view of the person experiencing them,” said Pingman Tools Founder and CEO Pete Ness. “CloudConnect is a faster, simpler and privacy-friendly way for tech support to see what the end-user experiences.”

Businesses and schools around the world have traded in their meeting rooms for virtual spaces since the advent of COVID-19. Even with months to adjust, problems like bad Wi-Fi, unintelligible calls and random disconnections — much like the pandemic — refuse to go away.

CloudConnect helps IT technicians resolve these end-user network issues quickly and easily from anywhere in the world.

By distributing light, unobtrusive software agents to student laptops or employee workstations, support teams can use CloudConnect to test for network conditions like packet loss and connection jitter without interrupting class or work.

The primary advantage of CloudConnect is its ability to test multiple devices at once from their unique perspective. Many network tools test connections via external servers. CloudConnect traces the path data travels from the device itself to the website or server it’s trying to access.

“If you can’t connect to Zoom, we can show each step in the route between your laptop and Zoom’s server to pinpoint the source of the issue. A support person can see if the problem is the Wi-Fi router, something with your internet provider, or Zoom itself,” said Ness. “Then imagine being able to do the same test for hundreds of laptops at once. That’s CloudConnect.”

Another benefit of CloudConnect is privacy. Many remote employees have resorted to using personal devices to continue work, raising concerns about what employers might view or access.

Unlike remote desktop software, CloudConnect doesn’t open an unnecessary back door into the device. A technician tells the remote machine which network connections to test, and the agent relays the results in real-time. Support can spot issues the moment they appear while normal network traffic stays protected.

CloudConnect is available now for both macOS and Windows. Classrooms, businesses, and service providers interested in learning more about CloudConnect can visit to schedule a live demo of the software.

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