Neeyamo & Ferretly to Offer Social Media Screening Services


Neeyamo, a market leader in offering platform-based global HRO services to multinational organizations, is elated to announce its strategic partnership with Ferretly, a leading AI-powered social media screening platform provider focused on mitigating organizations’ employment risks. Through this partnership, Neeyamo, as part of its end-to-end background screening solution, can now offer cutting-edge AI-enabled social media screening services to its global customers.

As a trusted global background screening solution provider, Neeyamo provides comprehensive background screening services across 190+ countries globally. Neeyamo has been a frontier in providing cross-border background screening services by leveraging its progressive technology and domain-rich expertise.

With this partnership in place, Neeyamo will be able to deliver best-in-class social media screening services along with 26 other background check products, enabling customers to perform thorough and legally compliant social media background checks on their candidates and employees.

Darrin Lipscomb, Founder, and CEO of Ferretly said, “This partnership will allow us to quickly scale out the human capital component of our solution by providing data analyst and investigative services in conjunction with our AI-Powered social media screening platform. Ultimately, this collaboration will enable us to extend our reach globally.”

Samuel Isaac, Senior Vice President – Strategy at Neeyamo, exclaimed, “We are extremely glad about our partnership with Ferretly. We see this as a fresh opportunity to add clear value to our global background screening solution, as we strive to take complete ownership of screening our customers’ potential and existing workforce. We are confident that this will be a milestone on our path to equip multinational organizations with the ability to hire smarter and faster.”



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