Randstad Digital, ServiceNow to enrich talent experiences for customers

Partnership is aimed at revolutionizing the employee experience, combining industry expertise with leading technology to deliver transformative solutions that will shape the future of talent.

Randstad Digital

Randstad Digital, a leading digital enablement company, announced it has joined the ServiceNow Partner Program to expand employee experience through design and co-development efforts. Through this partnership, Randstad Digital will maximize offerings in talent enablement and integrate with ServiceNow Employee Workflows to enrich the talent experience for customers.

ServiceNow is doubling down on its partner program to bring more robust industry expertise and tailor-made solutions to fuel the next era of enterprise innovation. The revamped ServiceNow Partner Program recognizes and rewards partners for their varied expertise and experience to drive opportunities, open new markets, and help joint customers in their digital transformation efforts.

As companies undergo digital transformation and navigate competitive markets, fostering a supportive and engaging work environment ensures talent feels valued and motivated. With its industry-leading expertise in HR, talent services and deep knowledge of ServiceNow, Randstad Digital will design and develop workflows and solutions to transform the talent experience.

“This partnership represents a significant milestone in our ongoing journey to revolutionize talent experience. We are excited to combine our strengths with ServiceNow to usher in a new era of talent experience and employee engagement” says Raja Renganathan, Chief Growth Officer, Randstad Digital. “By prioritizing talent experience, organizations can foster innovation, improve productivity, and cultivate long-term loyalty, ultimately leading to enhanced business performance and a strong, sustainable workforce.”

“In today’s competitive landscape, organizations recognize that talent acquisition and experience isn’t just about filling roles—it’s about finding the right fit, fostering growth, and retaining top performers,” said Gretchen Alarcon, SVP and GM of Employee Workflows Products at ServiceNow. “Through our collaboration with Randstad Digital, ServiceNow will expand its solutions and shape the future of talent experience, where every interaction, from hire to retire, is infused with purpose and value.”

As a Premier Service Provider, Randstad Digital leverages a full suite of ServiceNow capabilities including technology, enterprise training, and deal registration discounts to help clients effectively manage and implement digital solutions for today’s fast-changing world.

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