Praxis Labs Introduces New Product for Inclusive Leadership Training

Praxis Labs Unveils New Experiences in Pivotal Practice's Library of GenAI-Powered Simulated Scenarios Driving Increased Manager Effectiveness

Praxis Labs, the leading immersive practice-based platform that drives inclusive, engaged, and higher-performing teams, announced the launch of new GenAI-driven, immersive learning experiences within the Pivotal Practice platform for people leaders and high performers. The new product features an expanded library of experiences and bite-sized practice simulations including handling polarizing topics in the workplace, navigating divisive conversations, leading performance management, and managing cross-team and cross-cultural conflict. This launch signifies a deeper dive into the positive role technology can play in leadership development in the age of AI. 42% of managers believe their organization doesn’t help them become successful leaders. On top of that, 89% of HR leaders believe leading with empathy is essential in a modern, hybrid workforce.

Pivotal Practice offers a stress-free environment to learn, practice, and build core leadership skills dealing with real-world scenarios. The product helps learners build on skills that support critical human skills needed to create a more inclusive workplace. By leveraging generative AI, learning science, and roleplay simulations, Pivotal Practice builds confidence amongst learners, provides personalized coaching on how to collaborate across differences, and drives high-performing teams. Because these simulations can be done remotely and on-demand, they are highly scalable and support the development of critical skills at a lower price point than individual or group coaching for large manager populations. By moving from awareness-based training to action-based training, Pivotal Practice supports behavior change that drives organizational outcomes.

“In a year marked by polarizing discussions and unprecedented uncertainty, mastering inclusive leadership skills has become imperative for leaders and organizations to thrive,” said Elise Smith, Co-founder and CEO of Praxis Labs. “The new experiences and skills within Pivotal Practice will help enable the leaders of today and tomorrow to tap into personalized and deeply impactful training that will push the boundaries on both inclusivity and business outcomes.”

Pivotal Practice’s suite is research backed and designed by Praxis’ in-house PhD experts in learning science and organizational psychology to help revolutionize core skills development for today’s workforce. The immersive leadership training offers personalized feedback and grading, facilitating accelerated skills growth and application. Bite-sized experiences, each lasting 5-7 minutes, are focused on hyper-relevant topics that are crucial for success in a modern, diverse and distributed workforce. These experiences are designed to evoke emotion to help memory retention while also offering a safe space for learners to practice how they would navigate sensitive conversations without a fear of judgment.

“As we navigate complex conversations and diverse perspectives, harnessing the power of AI-driven immersive learning holds the key to bridging critical skill gaps in areas like inclusion, management, and communication,” said Heather Shen, Co-founder and CPO of Praxis Labs. “By leveraging Praxis Labs’ technology to deepen humanity in the workplace, we can unlock the unlimited potential for collaboration, innovation, and, ultimately, organizational success.”

Measurement is embedded throughout the simulations through GenAI driven assessments. A learner’s skill growth and development is measured from starting the learning journey through the actual point of learning within the simulations and all the way to measuring application of the newly learned skill in a real life scenario. By tracking skills growth from baseline assessments, embedded simulation measurements and to post-training evaluations, Pivotal Practice helps learners identify their own strengths and opportunity areas within an inclusive leadership skill set and provides deeper insights to HR and L&D leaders on tangible skill improvements across their organization.

The platform is available on-demand from wherever learners feel most safe and comfortable. Unlike traditional training or facilitated roleplays, Pivotal Practice easily scales to increase impact and reach. It can also be embedded into existing manager and leadership training programs to ensure a seamless end-user experience. Fully compliant with SOC2 security standards, comprehensive data protection ensures that company-sensitive data is secure and available only to the organization. Managers have a safe space to learn and leadership can be certain that company data remains private and proprietary.

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