Sense AI Products Pass Bias Audit Conducted by Holistic AI

Sense Chatbot and Candidate Matching determined to make fair and equitable recommendations for hiring teams


Sense, the market leader in AI-driven talent engagement solutions for enterprise recruiting, announced that its AI Chatbot and Candidate Matching products have successfully completed a bias audit conducted by Holistic AI, the leading AI Governance platform that empowers enterprises to adopt and scale AI confidently. This achievement ensures that Sense’s candidate screening features promote fair and equitable hiring practices.

“We are proud to take this significant step forward in our mission to help hiring teams build diverse and inclusive workforces,” said Sense Director of Product Management Mithun Gunalan. “By using Sense products that have been rigorously tested for bias, companies can be confident that they are always identifying the most qualified candidates for their open positions.”

Compliance with New York City Local Law 144

Sense successfully passing this audit helps its customers comply with New York City’s Local Law 144. This law, which went into effect last year, requires employers to subject Automated Employment Decision Tools (AEDTs) to bias audits before using them in hiring or employment decisions.

The audit conducted by Holistic AI utilized a multi-step process to analyze existing gender, ethnicity, and other demographic data from Sense customers to ensure Sense’s technology does not exhibit bias based on protected characteristics.

“It was great to work with Sense on conducting bias audits on their AI Chatbot and Candidate Matching products, showcasing their commitment to responsible AI,” said Adriano Soares Koshiyama, Co-CEO of Holistic AI. “Following the guidance provided by New York Local Law 144, we used various socio-technical interventions to conduct an audit through our AI Governance Platform to assess these applications for bias thoroughly. We’re glad to report that Sense passed these tests successfully.”

Both Sense Chatbot and Sense Candidate Matching underwent the bias audit. While Sense Chatbot relies on user-defined rules and may not fall under the scope of New York Local Law 144, Sense proactively included it in the audit for added transparency.

The audit results will be made available to Sense customers who can then disclose them to candidates and employees. Sense also offers support to customers who wish to conduct their own audits.

“Even for organizations outside of New York City, using Sense products demonstrates a commitment to fair hiring practices and regulatory compliance,” added Gunalan. “Similar legislation is being considered in other jurisdictions, so it’s imperative hiring organizations nationwide do their due diligence before using AI products to make any sort of hiring or employment decision.”

Sense recommends organizations consult legal counsel to determine how New York City’s Local Law 144 and similar regulations impact their business before using AI solutions for hiring and employment decisions.

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