Sense Unveils New Generative AI Solutions For Talent Engagement

New features improve recruiter efficiency, reduce manual tasks, and accelerate hiring


Sense, the market leader in AI-driven talent engagement solutions for enterprise recruiting, today announced the availability of several new generative artificial intelligence solutions. Built using a combination of its in-house models trained on hundreds of millions of candidate interactions, along with some of the most trusted partner Large Language Models (LLMs), Sense’s Generative AI solutions help global talent acquisition teams further accelerate hiring.

Purpose-built for the demanding needs of recruiters, Sense’s Generative AI solutions are designed to help recruiting teams become more efficient, create higher quality content, and automate repetitive tasks, all intended to make a recruiter’s life easier. By empowering recruiters, Sense solutions act as a co-pilot to recruiting teams, helping them every step of the way to make faster, more informed hiring decisions.

Sense’s Generative AI solutions boast enterprise-grade benefits including data privacy and overall security. Sense prioritizes the protection of sensitive information and ensures SOC 2 compliance with data privacy regulations. By implementing robust security measures and encryption protocols, Sense safeguards confidential data throughout the recruiting process.

Specifically, Sense announces the availability of new Generative AI solutions including:

1. Pre-Screening Question Generator: Automatically generate a set of pre-screening questions from job titles or job descriptions pulled from your current ATS and then immediately build a customized chatbot for that role. The result is a more streamlined and consistent pre-screening process.

2. Job Description Generator: Input a job title to instantly generate a job description. Sense AI will suggest enhancements like adding skills, responsibilities, and more, so recruiters can quickly create the perfect job description.

3. Candidate Survey Response: Candidate survey responses received over a time period can be automatically summarized into an easily digestible format. Recruiting teams can make on-the-spot tweaks to the candidate experience based on instant feedback.

4. Text & Email Generator: With Sense Generative AI, customers can easily create and re-write text messages, email campaigns, or WhatsApp messages in seconds. Recruiters can spend their time refining AI-generated content by candidate versus recreating copy each and every time.

5. Job Recommendations for Candidates: Trained on hundreds of millions of candidate interactions, recruiting teams can now instantly match jobs to candidates across the entire Sense Talent Engagement Platform, allowing for a more personalized experience.

6. Resume Generator: Sense Chatbot customers can now easily build resumes from existing chatbot conversations with candidates. For those candidates who may not have traditional resumes, Sense now helps recruiters build them in seconds so they can submit applications faster.

“Artificial intelligence has always been at the core of our Talent Engagement Platform, and now we are excited to bring that to the next level so our customer base of 1,000 global organizations can experience the power of generative AI,” said Alex Rosen, co-founder and head of product, Sense. “We are committed to continuing to innovate and deliver powerful AI solutions that will help talent teams streamline and accelerate recruiting while freeing them up to spend more time with top candidates. This is just the beginning of what’s to come from Sense as it relates to unleashing the power of generative AI in recruiting.”

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