Infor Launches New Fully Integrated Multi-Tenant Payroll Module

A global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, Infor announced the arrival of its new Payroll module for Infor Global HR

A worldwide leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, Infor, today announced the arrival of its new Payroll module for Infor Global HR. Infor Payroll gives in-house payroll processing capabilities with numerous options for service partners to empower them in managing back-end payroll processes, including salary payments, wage garnishments, employment tax filing, and other value-added services.

Jim Ollerton, director of information technology, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District said that “The way that organizations across the world have had to work these past few months has changed. But change doesn’t need to equal a loss of productivity. Having our full ERP in the cloud has certainly facilitated the burden on our organization since March, and we have been able to access significant data, essentially anywhere, anytime, permitting our remote teams to work together, even though apart. Specific to payroll, as we are presently supporting a remote workforce, our teams are just as efficient as they were in the office. Payroll is being done remotely, and our clients are very happy, which can be attributed to moving our systems to the cloud. Our teams can concentrate on automation, innovation and core business, and not technology, which is what we need right now.”

Additionally, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District has adopted the Infor Go mobile application organization-wide. With it, employees can review paychecks and relative employee information on their mobile devices. HR teams can process payroll and other tasks on their phones and tablets, any time, anywhere. For example, one of the HR specialists from Elsinore finished their last payroll using the Infor Go app while at a hair appointment.

Payroll solution of Infor offers flexibility to help organizations enable the desired balance of operational control. Important updates to this new offering involve the benefits of being a module within Global HR as well as being included as part of industry-based CloudSuites.

Payroll is now being offered to all Infor clients who use CloudSuite HCM solutions, completely integrated with Infor CloudSuite Financials, with plans to create third-party financial integration available.

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