Hoonuit Introduces Industry’s First Data and Analytics Powered Human Capital Solution

New capabilities empower education leaders to analyze staff impacts on outcomes

Hoonuit Introduces Industry's First Data and Analytics Powered Human Capital Solution

Hoonuit, a leading provider of education analytics and professional learning solutions, has introduced the first dedicated data and analytics solution for developing education leadership pipelines, improving educator effectiveness, and evaluating compensation. The Hoonuit Human Capital solution suite is available to all K-12 districts.

The Human Capital solution provides accessible and flexible data dashboards that empower stakeholders as they analyze and understand the performance and efficacy of the workforce. These dashboards are tied to key metrics in leadership recruiting, deployment, evaluation, incentives, compensation, placement (teacher to student assignments), and retention.

“While the importance of strong leaders and teachers in education has long been understood, there has never been an efficient and scalable way to measure their impact,” said Paul Hesser, CEO at Hoonuit. “We’re doing much more than storing and surfacing staff data. Our Human Capital solution suite supports analysis of staff effects on educational outcomes and ultimately student success.”

Human Capital joins four other solution suites in Hoonuit’s data management and analytics platform that are actively in use by school districts across the country. The platform utilizes a proprietary data warehouse, machine learning, and business intelligence technologies to transform human capital processes, correlate staff impacts on outcomes, and better serve schools.

“Human Capital is an incredibly important initiative for Hoonuit. A perfect opportunity developed with numerous thought leaders providing really interesting use cases around teacher effectiveness, teacher preparation, leadership pipeline development, correlating professional development with student achievement, and performance-based compensation. They have partnered with us to develop an impactful vision and are active collaborators as we continue to build and evolve this solution,” said Shivani Stumpf, Chief Technology Officer at Hoonuit.

Fayette County Public Schools in Kentucky is one of four early adopters of the Human Capital solution suite. “Our partnership with Hoonuit is enabling our district to tackle one of the most pervasive challenges to identifying effective pedagogical practices empirically,” said Dr. William Buchanan, FCPS’s Director of Grants, Research, Accountability, & Data (GRAD). “Our first step in this collaboration led us to find solutions to the lack of reliability typically found in most value-added models. Simply put, together FCPS and Hoonuit were able to identify a model that produced the most stable and reliable estimates of educator effects that I have experienced. More importantly, these estimates provide the actionable information needed to identify and strategically target staff recruitment and retainment efforts.  When districts and schools are able to identify, recruit, and retain the most effective educators with the least amount of effort it means they can allocate more resources to supporting students.”

This week, Hoonuit will be sponsoring the Council of Great City Schools’ Chief Human Resources Meeting (February 13-15) in Albuquerque, where attendees are invited to demo the new Human Capital solution suite.

To learn more about Hoonuit’s Data and Analytics platform, or to receive a demonstration, please visit https://www.hoonuit.com/contact.

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