Buoy Health Strategic Partnerships Expand Digital Corporate Benefits Program Options

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Buoy Health, a health technology company that develops AI-powered digital health solutions that empower people to effectively manage their own health and health care options, has expanded its digital Corporate Health & Benefits program offering to include the specialized expertise from digital health solutions and strategic partners CirrusMD, Healthcare Bluebook, Hinge Health, LetsGetChecked and Workit Health.

“Today’s digitally connected employees want to leverage technology to self-manage their care and navigate their care options. The Buoy platform puts them in the driver’s seat with the relevant data and services to help them feel better. This reduces the stress and anxiety that comes with managing any health issue,” states Dr. Andrew Le, CEO of Buoy Health. “Through the Buoy Health & Corporate Benefits program, employees can manage their health and take control over their healthcare options from navigating symptoms to recommended next steps to connecting with experts. Partnering with leading health solution vendors gives employees direct access to very specialized areas of healthcare through the Buoy platform, making it a one-stop shop for self-care and long-term chronic care. It’s a robust Health & Corporate Benefits program that fosters a healthier and happier workforce hrtech news.”

Buoy Health, an AI-powered platform that analyzes symptoms, facilitates first-line triage and makes recommendations for next-step medical treatment, leverages the deep knowledge of its strategic digital healthcare solution partners to further promote workplace wellbeing for employees. Specialized programs offered through Buoy Health include addiction treatment from Workit Health, chronic pain management from Hinge Health, and general self-testing from LetsGetChecked. Integration with CirrusMD’s virtual care delivery platform connects users to ongoing chat conversation with a dedicated physician in 60 seconds or less and transparency tools from Healthcare Bluebook provide price and quality information to help consumers make smarter healthcare choices.

“Smart, engaging digital health solutions offer the promise of helping consumers replace their traditional, often high-cost default options with more convenient and often more appropriate forms of care. Users feel more in control of their healthcare choices while better costs and outcomes can be achieved, and traditional care solutions can be focused where they work best. Everyone wins!” says Steve Blumenfield, Senior Director, Strategic Opportunities and Alliances, Willis Towers Watson Health and Benefits.

Dr. Blake McKinney, Chief Medical Officer of CirrusMD further elaborates on the benefits: “By putting instant access to human conversation with a doctor right at the fingertips of employees, we’ve been able to lower costs, reduce absenteeism and ultimately decrease premiums for our partners. The best part of using CirrusMD is that employees can chat with a doctor asynchronously, which means they don’t even have to leave their desks to access care.We’re excited to work with Buoy because we believe that they are best-in-class for interaction with a non-human resource for clinical self-discovery.”

Dr. Le concludes that Buoy Health will continue to expand its corporate benefits programs with new services and providers: “The digital health solutions partnerships announced today are the first step in expanding our Health & Corporate Benefits program. Over the coming year, we will add new digital health solutions providers and continue to leverage the wealth of user-generated medical data to help people take control of their health and get on the right path to recovery.”

For more information on Buoy Health for Corporate Health & Benefits programs, please contact Jason Lavender, VP, Employer & Health Plan Markets, at jason@buoyhealth.com.

About Buoy Health for Corporate Health & BenefitsBuoy’s Digital Corporate Health & Benefits program seeks to provide employees peace of mind when they need it the most. By leveraging AI technology and partnerships with a host of health solution providers, Buoy hopes to empower employees with better answers and greater access to programs that could help. Buoy does the worrying so employees can focus on getting better.

About Buoy HealthBuoy Health is a health technology company that develops AI-powered digital health solutions that empower people to effectively manage their own health and health care options. Formed at the Harvard Innovation Laboratory in Boston, MA, Buoy Health’s team of doctors, product designers and software engineers developed its smart symptom checker, Buoy, in direct response to the downward spiral people face when they attempt to self-diagnose their symptoms online. The technology behind Buoy leverages artificial intelligence — powered by advanced machine learning and proprietary granular data — to resemble an exchange one would have with their favorite doctor to provide consumers with a real-time, accurate analysis of their symptoms and to help them easily and quickly embark on the right path to getting better. Buoy Health is based in Boston and was founded in 2014. For more information, please visit www.buoyhealth.com.


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