Career path software provider reimagines Succession Planning

TalentGuard, a career path and internal mobility software leader launches new version of Internal Mobility & Succession Planning


A career path and internal mobility software leader, TalentGuard announced the launch of a reimagined version of its succession planning software developed to decrease bias in career management and succession decisions. TalentGuard’s Succession Planning utilizes verified skill and competency data to recognize and compare high-potential employees, build talent pools, and optimize skill development. With TalentGuard, HR teams can easily align their business requirements and employee aspirations to unlock business growth and employee engagement.

Now more than ever, businesses are putting their internal mobility and rewards decisions under the microscope to make sure fairness and transparency for all employees. The product suite of TalentGuard is designed to help companies evolve their talent management practices to react to sudden changes quickly and fairly.

Traditional succession planning processes are generally siloed from important data like skills, employee goals, preferences, and development plans. By including succession planning into the broader HR technology landscape, TalentGuard is helping businesses recognize and develop high potential employees who might have been left out of traditional processes.

Director of Product Management at TalentGuard, Sherwin Kelly, said that this new release is a game-changer for organizations. Traditionally, succession plans only concentrated on leadership positions and decisions were made in an informal manner. With TalentGuards new functionality, more employees can be a part of the succession conversation and managers can source internal talent that they might have not been aware of before. Depending on data helps remove bias and helps uncover hidden talent.

The updated release of TalentGuard concentrates on delivering three key functionalities, namely, enabling constant succession planning and internal mobility on the basis of verified skills and experiences, aligning employee aspirations to present and future business requirements, and enabling managers with the visual dashboards and personalized development plans to aid in coaching. Managers and HR teams now have a clear picture to understand who is ready to move into a given role and the right information to be certain that their decisions are based on best-fit, given any circumstance.

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