FamePick Launches Full-Service Talent Management Agency


Company’s latest round of funding brings total investment to $6.6M

FamePick, the online platform for savvy, business-minded social media content creators, launches a full-service talent management agency with a focus on representing emerging and middle-class creators (under 2M followers) who want to land brand deals. This announcement arrives on the heels of completing their latest round of funding, reaching a total of $6.6M since the company’s inception in 2016. The most recent investment from leading blockchain fund Hashed will enable FamePick to continue expanding their tech driven services with the goal of providing creators will all the tools they need to grow their personal brand and make an actual living.

FamePick’s new talent management division represents over 50 creators in a variety of categories including beauty, fashion, health, and comedy. Their talent roster includes Alex Drachnik, a fitness creator who signed with FamePick and then received 20+ endorsement deals totaling $30k in her first 45 days with the agency. She previously made just $500$1k per month in branded deals. Other notable managed talent includes The Hartig Family, Julia ReedAmy Davidson, Eduard, and Chinyenum Amadi.

“While most talent agencies only focus on vanity metrics like follower count, we look at 100+ data points via our platform to identify emerging talent whose content is unique, engaging and brand friendly,” says Kristina Milova, VP of Talent at FamePick. “Brands realize that it’s more important for a creator to have an authentic connection with their products in order to implement a successful campaign. With our managed talent division, we can personally source creators who would be the best fit for their needs and fall within their budget.”

In addition to talent management, FamePick also offers established and emerging creators the opportunity to scale and manage their own business with a variety of digital tools including LinkFolio. This offering allows creators to build a beautifully designed and fully customizable portfolio in a few seconds. Unlike other online portfolios, LinkFolio is a live media kit benefiting both the creator and brands with real-time personalized insights including audience reach, detailed demographics, analytics, rates, top-performing content, and recent brand deals. Every creator on the platform receives a custom URL to place in in their bios, email signatures and send directly to brands.

Click HERE for an example of a LinkFolio profile.

“The Creator Economy is ever-evolving, so we want to consistently provide all talent with new tools and services that will enable them to earn a living from their content,” says Matt Zuvella, VP of Marketing at FamePick.

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