Payroll Innovator Sage X3 Version 2021 to Power Manufacturing

Sage Software Solutions

Sage Software Solutions, Distributor of Sage Group PLC, announces the launch of Sage X3 R 2021 in India. Sage X3 is a global product from Sage Group. It is a cost-effective, end-to-end ERP that brings together various business functions of the organization under one enterprise-grade business management solution and a shared database. Sage X3 can be deployed on-premise or on-cloud and offers numerous capabilities like – multi-currency, multi-country, multi-language, and multi-location.

At the core of the new release of Sage X3 is NPI (New Product Introduction) functionality that will help organizations meet the needs and challenges of introducing new and innovative products in competitive and fast-changing market dynamics governed by technological innovations and a vast array of external factors.

With India being projected as a new, innovative, and competitive manufacturing hub for global companies targeting consumers in India and other international markets, business functions like R&D, Costing, Testing, and Validations become more crucial than ever. Unlike manufacturing global established products which have defined BOM (Bills of Material) and Routings, new products need continuous R&D efforts and changes to working prototypes or materials by constantly changing material requirements and engineering controls.

NPI or New Product Introduction addresses this challenge for companies doing manufacturing in India and looking for global, easy to use, quick to implement ERP solutions; NPI functionality can help companies with the following unique features:

Approval Management: Unlike commercial products, new products need constant changes in design and raw material. All these changes need multiple approvals from Engineering, Quality, Costing, and global management teams. Sage X3 is backed by powerful workflow management that allows you to trigger automatic emails, notifications hand requests for approvals at various user-defined stages and milestones. With multiple level approvals and electronic signature management, you are assured of compliance with internal and external regulations and standards.

Costing: Costing for the new product remains one of the most crucial requirements for new products, with volatile global commodity products, shortages, supply chain, and logistics issues costing for raw material or intermediatory (Semi-finished goods)can fluctuate. Moreover, with the introduction of new products, R&D teams are constantly challenged to keep costs under control without compromising on features and quality. The powerful Costing engine at the heart of Sage X3 will allow you to estimate your direct (Labour and Raw material as well as indirect (Overheads) costings of new products.

Project Management: New Product development remains a crucial project for many organizations. However, depending on product complexity, an NPI or R&D project can vary between few weeks to few months and can extend to several quarters for more complex engineered products. Sage X3 Project Management and Manufacturing module allows you to monitor critical milestones and resource requirements at each stage of the Product introduction lifecycle.

Engineering documents and designs: Sage X3 inbuilt document storage and retrieval capabilities ensure that the entire project team engaged in Product development always has access to the correct set of documents like Engineering Designs, Costing Sheets, Quality sheets, regulatory approval, confirmation certificates, etc.

“Sage X3 is very core to Sage Group’s global product strategy and has constantly been updated and upgraded with integration capabilities and latest technology platforms like mobile devices, ADC (Automated Data Collection) equipment, and connected IoT devices apart from browser-based access that Sage X3 has been providing from years” mentioned Jitendra Somani, CEO for Sage Software Solutions Private Limited.

“As the distributor of Sage products in India, we are thrilled and excited with the pace Sage X3 is being made future-ready with modern technology; adoption of latest integration capabilities, AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning), and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) makes Sage X3 stand above our competitors. These features coupled with ADC and NPI modules apart from traditional Finance, Supply chain, and Manufacturing modules will help Sage X3 maintain an undisputed leadership position in the ERP solution market for Manufacturing companies in India,” concludes Jitendra.

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