Acceleration Of Workforce Changes Drives Growth At Safeguard Global


Safeguard Global Expands Executive Team to Support Growing Demand for Flexible Working and International Workforces

Safeguard Global, a workforce management technology company that helps fast-growing multinational organizations scale their workforces as they enter new markets and compete for talent internationally, announced today four strategic new hires to the organization’s executive team, highlighting the company’s expansive growth in 2021 and demand for HR and workforce solutions that enable organizations and talent to work in any way.

While the shift to remote work was growing steadily before the pandemic, the past 18 months have proven that businesses and their employees can successfully work from anywhere. However, to gain a competitive edge in a fiercely competitive labor market, organizations must also support flexible work styles that engage their workforce and meet the needs of talent everywhere, including internationally. A survey conducted by Safeguard Global of over 200 companies found that 80% of HR and Finance leaders say operating in different countries is vital to their organization’s success.

The addition to Safeguard Global’s executive team reflects these significant global workforce changes and the growing need for HR solutions that help multinational companies outperform competitors and retain talent globally.

Growing global footprint
Based in the UK, Bahea Izmeqna joins Safeguard Global as Chief Operating Officer for the company’s Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) solutions team. Previously COO at Greensill Capital and Network International, Bahea has held leadership positions for over 15 years, leading Operation Management, Product Management, Product Marketing, Business Strategy, and Business Development.

Based in the US, Mike Eralie joins Safeguard Global as Chief Operating Officer for the company’s Global Managed Payroll (GMP) solutions team. Mike has spent over 17 years in the HR and payroll outsourcing industry serving in various operational leadership and account management roles as was most recently COO at NGA, where he was responsible for global service delivery, implementation, technical support, and Cloud HR consulting for customers located in more than 100 countries.

Based in the US, Duri Chitayat joins Safeguard Global as Chief Technology Officer, dedicated to developing a high-performance technology organization. Before joining Safeguard Global, Duri developed and led high-performance engineering organizations and innovation labs in the Adtech, MedTech, Banking, and Finance sectors and has held roles with organizations in AsiaEurope, and the US.

Based in CanadaMike McQuarrie joins Safeguard Global as Vice President, North America Sales, Global Managed Payroll. Mike has been in the HR services and payroll industry for over 30 years and held various senior leadership roles at Xerox, Buck, and NGA as they grew their multi-process HR and payroll outsourcing practices.

The first half of 2021 has been a banner year for Safeguard Global as we’ve onboarded several hundred new clients and several thousand new workers,” said Bjorn Reynolds, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. ” In today’s rapidly changing employment environment, our solutions have never been more vital to multinational organizations wanting to optimize their ability to hire and pay talent globally. Our new hires reinforce the value of what we deliver to global companies as we serve their HR needs and our commitment to transforming the way people work around the world.”

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