Obbi develops a new online platform for aiding a safe return to work for employees

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Software company based out of Belfast, Obbi Solutions has announced the creation of a new online platform that is supposed to back the employers who have to re-open their workplaces and businesses but are worried about the consequences of doing so.

The company is introducing a spin-out version named Obbi Lite which is exclusively and specifically designed to deal with the crisis challenges or re-opening their workplaces after remaining closed temporarily because of the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

The company stated that it will be offering this solution free of cost to food processing, construction, and manufacturing employers in order to assist them by offering immediate help for getting their workforce back to their workplace as soon as the restrictions imposed by the lockdown ease hrtech news.

A construction company is said to be already using the Obbi Lite solution as it goes back to work safely from the closure and lockdown, while Manufacturing NI referred to it as a comprehensive and an extremely useful solution.

John Paul McCorley, the chief technical officer of Obbi stated that the original platform of the company was designed to let employers perform a variety of vital organizational tasks of on-boarding new employees, training them, and ensuring compliance. Now, the new solution Obbi Lite will offer assistance to employers in bringing back their workforce confidently by supporting them in distributing and managing as well as digitally signing off new procedures and policies around the pandemic. This solution will help them in staying compliant with the new rules and regulations.

The solution delivers practical information about PPE use, health screening, social distancing, hand washing along with other working practices.

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