Asure announced partnership with HRlogics


Asure, a leader in payroll and workforce solutions, proudly announced its strategic partnership with HRlogics, a firm specializing in tax credits and incentives. This alliance is set to provide Asure’s clients with streamlined access to critical tax credits and hiring incentives, enhancing their growth potential and financial robustness.

“With rising interest rates and tight lending standards creating significant barriers to capital, it’s crucial that small to midsize businesses have access to resources that can support their growth,” said Pat Goepel, CEO of Asure. “Our partnership with HRlogics allows us to provide tax credits for our clients that they may not have otherwise known about, helping to fuel their development and expansion.”

Tax credits, though beneficial, are frequently underutilized. They provide considerable relief, allowing businesses to lower their tax liabilities and reinvest in their operations. HRlogics brings its expertise to bear, navigating the complex array of over 3,000 state and federal tax credits that can benefit businesses engaged in activities from job creation to innovation.

Shannon Scott, CEO of HRlogics and a veteran tax credit lobbyist, emphasized, “While large corporations have long capitalized on tax credits, many smaller enterprises are still not aware of the substantial benefits these credits offer. It’s time for these businesses to gain the same strategic advantages.”

Through this partnership, Asure clients will receive a comprehensive, risk-free review of potential tax credits tailored to their specific activities, with HRlogics providing expert guidance to maximize these opportunities. This includes the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), aimed at incentivizing the hiring of individuals from underrepresented groups.

This partnership represents a significant advancement in empowering small and midsize businesses with the financial tools necessary to compete effectively in today’s market. By leveraging tax credits and hiring incentives, Asure’s clients can reinvest in their growth, create new job opportunities, and contribute positively to economic development in their communities.

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