Ascendum Launches SafeReturn™ Application

Digital solutions firm launches secure heath screening application to improve safety and drive actionable intelligence to limit COVID-19 cases and help comply with New Jersey's new employee protection guidelines

Ascendum Solutions

Ascendum Solutions, a global digital innovation firm, today announced the product release of SafeReturnTM, a mobile application designed to help limit the spread of COVID-19 and comply with New Jersey Executive Order No. 192 to protect worker safety. The configurable product screens and monitors health status and restricts facility access to those deemed to be at risk of spreading the virus.

Organizations of all sizes and types are confidently deploying SafeReturnTM. The platform is affordable, configurable, and can adjust to an organization’s specific workplace safety and wellness measures. In compliance with New Jersey Executive Order 192, SafeReturn provides a simple way for organizations to conduct daily health checks, temperature checks and self-assessment screenings. The application can be deployed in a matter of hours.

Participants that pass screenings are cleared to enter the location that day. Those deemed at risk are withheld access and required to complete a follow-up survey asking a variety of questions regarding their current symptoms. The data is aggregated into an analytics dashboard that gives valuable insights into the wellness of the organization as a whole.

“Our digital team developed SafeReturn in response to many requests for a proactive and effective tool to enable their return to on-premise activities,” said Uday Kumar, Ascendum VP of Sales and New Jersey resident. “SafeReturn is a simple, but powerful product that will help New Jersey businesses comply with the new employee protection guidelines. We have deployed SafeReturn with Fortune 500 clients, small businesses, and schools. The application is proving to be a tremendous success and well received.”

SafeReturnTM features a customizable admin portal and analytics dashboard that provides real-time visibility to the overall health and safety of an organization’s employees and students. Key metrics include:

  • At risk personnel and locations
  • Cleared and not cleared personnel
  • Trending risk patters by geolocation
  • Predictive models for probably infection and risk trends

SafeReturn is also developed with an optional add-on security extension that provides for a custom integration with building security badges that control facility access. At the start of each day, all security badges are deactivated from access until passing the daily screening. Clearance for building/office access is not activated for people found at-risk for COVID-19. The duration and parameters of security clearance is customizable to the specific needs of each organization.

Any organization interested in scheduling a demo of SafeReturn can visit the website at or email

In support of education and our local communities, schools are eligible to receive a grant from Ascendum to cover the vast majority of costs for the school year.

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