CPI Launches PowerAmp™ Coaching-Professional Development Solution

Career Partners International Launches PowerAmp™ Coaching. The Power of Coaching Amplified by Technology.

Career Partners International

Career Partners International (CPI) is pleased to announce the launch of PowerAmp™ Coaching, the world’s first professional development coaching program delivered by trained coaches with scientifically created artificial intelligence. This combination of professional coaching amplified by technology gives organizations the power to provide coaching at a fraction of traditional costs while minimizing risk.

CPI has launched this program in conjunction with LeaderAmp, founded by Dr. Matt Barney, Organizational Psychologist. In Dr. Barney’s previous work as the head of learning and development in major organizations around the globe he identified three key obstacles to successful coaching engagements. First was the inability to view and measure progress in real time. Second was the difficulty in predetermining which participants would succeed in coaching. Third was the limitation of coaching to those only at the highest levels of major corporations.

PowerAmp Coaching combines the expertise of proven coaches with the tracking and guidance of custom built and validated artificial intelligence. This unique solution starts by identifying those in the organization who will most benefit from coaching then quickly identifies areas for improvement based on proprietary, peer reviewed and validated assessments. With these highly accurate and precise tools, organizations and coaches can see which participants are on track and which need more support. By partnering with AI and utilizing consolidated project management tools, coaches provide greater levels of support to more participants, opening the possibility of coaching to more employees than ever before.

“In my nearly 30 years of Human Resources and Learning & Development I have not seen a coaching program so rooted in sound science. Coupling CPI’s coaching capabilities with LeaderAmp’s scientific approach and participant guidance brings previously unheard-of possibilities to the world of Professional Development,” states Bill Kellner, CEO of Career Partners International.

With over 50 Member Firms and 300 locations around the globe CPI is uniquely positioned to deliver coaching to national, multi-national, and international organizations with a proven and uniform approach. PowerAmp Coaching combines this coaching presence with scientifically sound and proven technology to deliver measurable results to employees at all levels and in all corners of the world. PowerAmp Coaching solves what have historically been the most difficult employee development problems faced by virtually all organizations.

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