Zippi, an Intelligent Platform by PeopleStrong is Helping India

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The world is witnessing an unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. It has brought a shroud of uncertainty in the way people live, work and even interact with each other. While its real impact on the economy is yet to be seen, most organizations are operating remotely and trying to maintain productivity levels.

At such a time PeopleStrong, Asia’s leading Work and HR Technology provider announced that while work-from-home now seems to be the norm – distance and security should not impact productivity and deliverables. In their endeavor to support the business community in these times, PeopleStrong has made its highly acclaimed collaborative work management platform- Zippi‘ free to use for any organization that would like to use it to manage its collaboration and productivity needs hrtech news.

Zippi by PeopleStrong is a secure and intelligent collaborative work management platform that helps in executing plans faster. A game-changer in transforming how people plan, execute and accelerate their revenue growth agendas, Zippi is a mobile-first application and is accessible through the web as well. Serving over 250,000+ users across customers such as Hyundai Motors, Amara Raja, Cars24, FSS, Cholamandalam Finance and Investments, Coromandel International, Chola MS, VMart, Aeon Credit Services and many more, Zippi is more than just a collaboration tool.

Speaking on the occasion, Sandeep Chaudhary (President & Board Member, PeopleStrong) said, “During this time, we are counting our currency with the number of organizations we are able to help. It is gratifying for us because we believe People Care is Good Business. Zippi has helped us immensely during the transformation of our 1300+ strong team going completely work-from-home in less than a week. We hope other organizations can also benefit from it.”

Zippi is also home to its AI-based chatbot, Jinie who intelligently nudges its users about important things throughout the day. From reminding people to wash their hands regularly, to providing accurate information about the COVID-19 updates, physical and mental wellness tips, or reminders to complete allocated tasks on time, Jinie is a know-all personal assistant who even helps in sending out official emails.

Zippi by PeopleStrong is currently available free of cost for a period of 3 months. The initiative is powered by AWS and is in partnership with Thrive Global India that is sharing wellness-related ‘microsteps’ through Jinie workplace wellness.


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