Workhuman Launches Moodtracker

Workhuman, the fastest-growing social recognition and performance management platform Launches Moodtracker, to Helps Organizations Better Understand their Workforce and Improve Workplace Culture


Today, Workhuman, the fastest-growing social recognition and continuous performance management platform around the globe, announced Moodtracker, its solution for helping companies stay in tune with the voice of their employees and act accordingly, which is part of the Workhuman Cloud suite of human-centred products. Introduced during the Workhuman Livestream keynote, this always-free tool empowers organizations to easily keep a pulse on employee’s feelings and implement the recommended next steps to understand their workforces better, enhance their culture, and achieve a higher level of employee engagement. This is a remarkable HRTech news that will have a great impact on the future of employee engagement methods.

Moodtracker involves several pre-configured surveys questionnaires, designed by behavioural scientists of Workhuman that can be shared with an unlimited number of employees. It takes the guesswork out of surveying so HR and team leads can quickly and easily gather ongoing employee feedback, diagnose organizational issues, and know what actions should be taken. Moodtracker is the one voice of the employee solution that is completely backed by experts and science, without the requirement to use additional internal resources for analysis.

Eric Mosley, Workhuman co-founder and CEO said that the traditional workplace has been disrupted forever and as they get accustomed to a new normal, it’s more important than ever that organizations are listening to the feelings of their employees. Workhuman knows amazing work cultures don’t just spring up overnight. They come from amplifying employee voices, asking questions relevant to the workforce today’, and then making the right changes. They all need to remember to keep humanity in the workplace and hearing the voice of our employees is the first step.

Moodtracker does not involve any paid features or add-ons; it is an always-free solution that is focused on providing actionable next steps. Moodtracker provides a deep analysis of the survey data and gives recommended solutions for how companies can solve the specific difficulty that was identified. As it is part of the Workhuman Cloud suite of human applications and is configured using over two decades worth of human-centred insights, companies can expect a measurable impact.

Jesse Harriott, head of analytics and executive director of Workhuman’s analytics and research team, WorkhumaniQ said that Workhuman has taken a truly scientific approach to Moodtracker, as the survey questionnaires and recommendations were developed on the basis of the analysis of more than 50 million moments of employee connection in the Workhuman Cloud. Because it is based on decades of knowledge gained helping some of the largest organizations worldwide realize quantifiable business impact through improvements in workplace culture, retention, and employee engagement, HR and business leaders can have confidence that when Moodtracker prescribes a solution to address workplace issues, it will work.


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