RescueTime Unveils a New Set of ‘Digital Wellness’ Apps for Better Managing Mobile Screen Time

New iOS app and refreshed Android app provides telling insights into how mobile time is spent throughout the day; shifts perspective from restricting use to smart use of mobile

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RescueTime, the award-winning time management app, today announced a new set of mobile app solutions. The brand new iOS app and refreshed Android app will help users understand how they spend their time on mobile devices to ensure that email, social media and other apps and websites are not hindering the ability to focus on important tasks and goals. Instead, RescueTime helps individuals manage their mobile screen time so they can lead healthier, balanced lives and get the most out of every day hrtech news.

”Technology that was designed to help us has monopolized our attention to the point where it’s become harmful – we rarely go more than 15 minutes without looking at our phones,” said Robby Macdonell, CEO of RescueTime. “The RescueTime mobile apps empower users with insights they can use to change their behavior and focus on their most meaningful work. Screen time often gets broadly cast as a negative, but the big picture really matters here. We’re helping users see its use in a larger context.”

Data from RescueTime shows that 51.5% of people are interrupted frequently throughout the work day. Further, an additional 46.5% say they get interrupted at least a few times a day. With so many distractions in our digital lives, it’s difficult to focus on what matters most. Our efficiency suffers, and the lines blur between our personal lives and work hrtech.

RescueTime gives you accurate, detailed reports about your time in all your applications, websites, and devices. This helps you stay balanced and productive throughout the day.

RescueTime’s new iOS app and refreshed Android app allow users to focus on holistic behavior change rather than simply restricting use. Users will be able to:

  • See screen time in RescueTime charts and graphs: App users will gain insights on how much they’re using their phone, and how usage impacts the rest of their time.
  • Set specific screen time goals: Mobile users can set custom screen time goals (such as “less than 2 hours on my phone” or “less than 1 hour during work hours”), and get notified when they go over.
  • Gain real-time coaching along with in-depth planning: RescueTime mobile will provide fast insights into how users are spending their time across all their devices without digging through graphs and charts. These snackable details keep goals and progress front and center and encourage a healthier relationship with your devices.

The new RescueTime iOS and Android apps are now available for free. To download either app, visit:
RescueTime for iOS in the App Store
RescueTime for Android in the Google Play Store

About RescueTime

RescueTime helps people understand their relationship with technology so they can do more of their most important work. By tracking digital activities, RescueTime gives individuals a complete picture of their attention–as well as tools to take action towards a more balanced, meaningful work day. Learn more at

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