Oyster™ Acquires Carrom to Accelerate Global Employment Platform

Carrom founder, Sooraj Chandran, joins Oyster to drive geographic expansion of employment services

talent acquisition team

Oyster™, the distributed talent enablement platform that lets growing companies easily hire, make payroll, and give local benefits to their remote employees anywhere in the world, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Carrom, a player in the cross-border hiring enablement space. Carrom founder and CEO, Sooraj Chandran, will join the Oyster product team to lead and accelerate the geographic expansion of the Oyster platform. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Carrom,” said Tony Jamous, CEO of Oyster. “The acquisition of Carrom will enable Oyster to accelerate the global reach of our platform and further enlarge the accessible talent pool for our customers, as well as bring employment opportunities to new parts of the world. Sooraj brings a wealth of knowledge from his experience creating Carrom, and is certain to have a great impact on our mission to remove the barriers to global employment.”

Carrom was founded in 2018 in Germany by Keerthi Jayadevan and Sooraj Chandran. In his new role in product management at Oyster, Chandran will work at the intersection of geographic expansion and software experience, accelerating the availability of Oyster’s employment services in new parts of the world.

Oyster is focused on fixing the broken cross-border hiring model, which remains complex, expensive, and risky for the majority of companies. As distributed teams and remote working become the new normal in a post-coronavirus world, growing companies as well as talented individuals have an unprecedented opportunity to broaden their horizons. Oyster is bringing them together.


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