Ludacka Wealth Partners strategically partners with Talent War Group

Top financial security firm cements legacy with leadership development ecosystem

Top financial security

Top financial security firm Ludacka Wealth Partners has entered a long-term strategic partnership with Talent War Group, a leadership development and executive search firm, to create a world-class leadership development ecosystem.

Recognized as one of the nation’s premier financial security firms, Ludacka Wealth Partners made the Forbes Top 100 Financial Security Professionals in 2021 and 2022. Although the firm has grown exponentially over the last two years, its founder and CEO, Paul Ludacka, doesn’t plan to slow down.

After reading ‘The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent‘, Talent War Group was the obvious choice to help create an internal sustainable leadership development program.

“Talent War Group strives for perfection and settles for nothing less,” says Ludacka. “Leading with integrity, strength, and purpose, our values align. Together, we know our success is all about people, and our legacy is only as strong as the relationships we build.”

Ludacka Wealth Partners puts precedence on leadership, innovation, and values that set them apart from their competition. Ludacka adds, “Talent War Group is developing our next generation of leaders- we rely on them to win the talent war!”

Talent War Group, founded by Mike Sarraille, helps organizations optimize the people side of their business through talent acquisition and management, leadership and culture development, and succession planning.

“Paul’s leadership fostered incredible growth, and we look forward to helping operationalize his vision and bolster the firm’s impact, by creating a leadership development program that other firms dream of replicating,” says Sarraille.

The program will include in-house and experiential training and workshops, followed by the development of a talent acquisition and management system, led by Karli Waldon, Talent War Group’s President, and Head of Executive Search. “As Paul evaluates the future of his organization, selecting the right individuals to build upon their success is a priority,” says Waldon.

The partnership between Ludacka Wealth Partners and Talent War Group will begin this October and run into 2023. Its outcome will be a sustainable process that the firm can implement internally – cementing a legacy of leaders creating leaders.

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