HR and Payroll Leader Neeyamo Launches Tailohr™


Neeyamo, a market leader in offering platform-based global HRO services to multinational organizations, is elated to announce the launch of Tailohr – Neeyamo’s packaged solution, exclusively designed to cater to the HR needs of multinational organizations with a geographically dispersed workforce. Through this offering, Neeyamo will be able to offer a comprehensive HR solution, tailored to address the HR requirements across every country that they operate in, irrespective of the employee size.

Despite the advent of emerging technologies in the global HR spectrum, organizations have struggled to implement a robust global HR solution for their employees present in long-tail countries. Organizations undertaking carveouts and divestures experience a similar need where speed of deployment and agility of the solution are paramount.

In the attempt to tackle this grey area, Neeyamo has introduced Tailohr, a solution that operates at the intersection of cutting-edge HR technology and services, armed with an intent to support the HR needs of a global workforce. Pre-configured for each country where companies operate, Tailohr exhibits shortened implementation cycles while benefiting organizations with a robust HR tech landscape and improved HR operations. Its highly competitive PEPM-based pricing model further negates the challenge of unpredictable overhead costs that often arises due to lesser headcount.

Rangarajan Seshadri, CEO at Neeyamo, said, ”At Neeyamo, we take immense pride in having shone a torch on the challenges faced by multinational organizations with a globally dispersed workforce. This market has been our point of focus for close to a decade now. After having succeeded in gaining market propulsion through our global payroll services for long-tail regions, we have now extended our service offering through our new solution – Tailohr. We strongly believe that with Tailohr, we can cater to the needs of multinational organizations across their long-tail countries and organizational segmentation that arises due to carveouts, spin-offs and divestitures. We are optimistic towards the capabilities of this solution and how it will disrupt the HR business ecosphere that we operate in.”

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