How is Greenhouse dissecting DE&I to its DNA?

Diversity & Inclusion stand as one of the most poignant factors in deciding the ethical standpoint of an organization. Learn how Greenhouse is enhancing the approach.


The oppression and underrepresentation of minority genders, races, socio-backgrounds, disabilities, and religious beliefs has been quite persistent, but now subtle. We sure have progressed in terms of calling people out on their wrongful attitudes and biases towards people that are different from them, but have we progressed in treating and offering all of them equal opportunities? I guess not. We are moving towards the goal, but we are not there yet.

Organizations today may not discriminate amongst their employees on the above mentioned attributes, but are they actually doing something to bring in equality within the industry? A lot of them don’t do it, because of the lack of awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the issue.
So many companies give out statements like “We support diversity and inclusion” but go about the rest of their day without taking any action to back their statement, because they don’t know how to.

Greenhouse, the hiring software company, is not only bringing in awareness about D&I amongst the members of the industry, but is touching the pain points as well as the relief points to equip organizations with strategies and productive tips on the need, importance, functioning, and operational aspects of diversity and inclusion in their workforce.

How is the company doing that?

Greenhouse has launched a new limited series of podcasts, dedicated to breaking down the problems with diversity, equity, and inclusion at the workplace, and building strategies that comprise sets and units of operations that not only work but deliver high yields. This series is called “DE&I strategies that work.”

Daniel Chait, the CEO and Co-founder at Greenhouse is seen diving into candid yet meaningful conversations with some of the leading organizations and their leaders to explore the challenges that they face and get to the bottom of the issues.

Without revealing the exact details of the discussions, we at HRTech Cube found some really intriguing facets of how to accelerate DE&I in the podcast series. Daniel could actually touch a number of challenges and solutions in different arenas of the HR tech landscape. Some of our favorite explorations are –

  •  How simple steps like observing and identifying inequities within the firm and calling it out can change the status quo. Talking about what’s acceptable and what’s not.
  •  Changing the outlook on background checks and making it a tool for DE&I than as a blocker of people walking on the path of redemption by being a fair chance employer.
  •  Hiring a diverse workforce attracts a diverse talent pool
  •  How executive leaders can go down the rabbit role, get to the bottom of the employee life cycles and ask ‘why’ questions to use their power and privilege to do the greater good.
  •  Holistic approaches from top down and bottom up to not just build diverse pipelines but also nurture to the point they are polished and ready and have an inclusive environment waiting for them.
  • The need and importance of dedicated programs for women and their financial well being.
  • Use of hiring games to remove bias
  •  Going beyond the defined categories and embracing complex identities to incorporate components to their experiences from day 1.

All the guests speaking in this series have a diverse view but a common goal. With programs like these, organizations can now be more aware of their surroundings and make better use of data, technology, and creativity to build a team that is distinct in personalities but has access to equity in opportunity.

Our aim as a part of the society is to make society a part of our daily functionality, and we can do that by beginning to acknowledge the differences and taking efforts to bridge the gaps!

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